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Subramanian Swamy exposes 21 secret foreign bank accounts of Karti Chidambaram via @PGurus1
.@PrannoyRoyNDTV writes to @PMOIndia, warns malicious campaign by Subramanian Swamy against @ndtv will hurt India, freedom of press & FDI
Congress stoked up violence, part of international Christian conspiracy: Subramanian Swamy on Bhima-Koregaon violence
#BREAKING ‘If you can rape then you can’t be a juvenile, I am in favour of this’, says Subramanian Swamy, MP, BJP on PM's cabinet meeting agenda
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He has decided correctly. He need not have taken two days to make the decision. It should've been considered null and void & thrown out from the beginning. Congress committed suicide by doing this: Subramanian Swamy on rejection of not#ImpeachmentMotionice againt CJI Dipak Misra
Bad judgment, will be short-lived: Subramanian Swamy on 2G verdict - #GoogleAlerts
You (Owaisi) talk about 23 Muslims, I tell you, 253 RSS people have been killed by CPM: Subramanian Swamy #PMWarnsGauRakshaks
Subramanian Swamy urges Home Ministry to probe into Rahul Gandhi’s secret British citizenship via @PGurus1
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