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Subramanian Swamy on 'Padmavati': Bombay films are financed by Dubai via @mid_day
The draft Rajasthan law to dilute PCA etc for bureaucrats violates the SC's 2015 Constitutional Bench judgment in Subramanian Swamy vs CBI
Subramanian Swamy urges Home Ministry to probe into Rahul Gandhi’s secret British citizenship via @PGurus1
Subramanian Swamy's six-point guide for Modi to bring economy back to 9% growth - The Financial Express
You (Owaisi) talk about 23 Muslims, I tell you, 253 RSS people have been killed by CPM: Subramanian Swamy #PMWarnsGauRakshaks
Subramanian Swamy exposes 21 secret foreign bank accounts of Karti Chidambaram via @PGurus1
Sonia Gandhi's sister in Italy sells antiques stolen from India? WATCH Subramanian Swamy's serious allegations
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