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Overshadowed by abysmal retail figures & Morrison's public service stunt, ABS industrial disputes stats: year to Sept days lost down 26% on previous year - almost the lowest ever September year. As a percentage of the workforce, lowest. But govt needs to crack down on unions

NO TIME TO DIE is the first film to feature the @LandRover  New Defender. This footage goes behind-the-scenes with stunt coordinator Lee Morrison and stunt driver Jessica Hawkins at work #NoTimeToDie  #Bond25  #LandRover  #NewDefender 

If Morrison ever has a quiet moment, I wonder if regrets his lump of coal stunt

Amidst Westpac's international transfers disaster (yet more dud management and directors not having a clue about the business), it's nice to find some humour - Stunt Morrison saying it "shows our cop on the beat, Austrac, is doing their job". Um, Westpac dobbed itself in and...

@gumnut49  Yep. Disappointing piece not even considering those alternatives. And when boost is needed sooner rather than later, this small Stunt Morrison effort is over four years! Good chance the ship could be sailing better in 2021 anyway.

Oh spare me - Stunt Morrison still fighting the last election. And want to see if the money or projects are "new" and when it might be spent. Odds of it being more stunt than substance?

This is bizarre & serious. I don't know what Trump unleashed in Morrison at the Ohio MAGA rally, but Stunt has just announced Australia is withdrawing from the civilised international community. (Murdoch will love it) via @smh 

@murpharoo  @TurnbullMalcolmGiven  as PM he didn’t stop a stunt like this puts his statements on climate in perspective. @TurnbullMalcolm & his office must’ve known Morrison was going to do this. So I take everything he says about climate deniers & energy policy in the Liberal Party with a lump of coal.

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Stunt Morrison? An expensive taxpayer-funded photo op? Well I never! Take me to Christmas Island and throw away the key.


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So Stunt Morrison drops his pants for Mad King Donald, pledges Australia's allegiance to a lying maniac, needlessly piles on Trump's China trade bashing to offend our most important partner - just in time for impeachment starting. Someone give him the "I'm with stupid" t-shirt.

Irony: Stunt Morrison refuses to let Nauru refugees be sent to New Zealand allegedly because it’s a back door way for what Dutton claims are "murders and terrorists" to get to Australia. Meanwhile an Australian...

Morrison’s trip to Christmas Island today is a sad publicity stunt. The scare campaign is not working, because people will always trust doctors over a desperate PM lagging in the polls.

Stunt Morrison, at your expense, with another dud performance - and dragging sworn officers into his tacky electioneering as well. Shame. via

Scott Morrison putting dud politics ahead of the nation's best interests: The Jerusalem embassy announcement stunt - unfit for office. The medivac misrepresentation/Christmas Island/people smuggler invitation stunt - unfit to govern. Does it really take three strikes?