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The cheapest single ticket for #SuperBowl54  is still going for a very high price on StubHub 😳😳. MORE:

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StubHub Hit With Lawsuit Claiming Unpaid Commissions on Millions of Sales

$9,067.50: The most paid for a ticket for tonight’s game on StubHub, including fees. The person bought FOUR of them at that price ($36,270). They are in the fourth row on the 40 on the LSU side.

$2,335.20: Cheapest pair of tickets on StubHub, including fees, 7 1/2 hours before kickoff to the College Football Playoff Final between LSU and Clemson.

Looks like the get-in price on Stubhub for tonight is running around $750

Your “best value” algorithms are either broken or being heavily gamed @stubhub 

National title game ticket get-in price on StubHub when LSU won: $1,527 National title game get-in ticket price on StubHub when Ohio State led Clemson: $1,438 Get-in price on StubHub when Clemson won: $1,200. Will likely be $1,000 by morning. Market crashing...


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Guys , stubhub only has 40 from Toronto and 15 from NewYork. I also have no control over it

#ARMYs are the best fans EVER. 's World #LOVE_YOURSELFour '>#LOVE_YOURSELFour  is Stubhub's highest-selling tour of the year, and its third biggest in history!

$6,970.50: What a fan paid on StubHub, including fees, for two courtside seats tonight for Lakers at Bucks. Both LeBron & Giannis are not playing. 🤷‍♂️

A person just paid $132,052, including fees, on StubHub for 10 seats in the lower level on the 35-yard line AFC side for the Super Bowl.

Ticket reseller Stubhub says a record number of people are traveling to other countries to experience concerts and other live events

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In 20 minutes, the lowest Lakers season tickets being sold on StubHub went from $3,499 apiece to $5,800 apiece.

These jerseys were made for the moment. @Nike  x @StubHub  🎥 |

I asked @PreetBharara  if Comey requested he attend. He said, "I have great connections at StubHub." He's in 2nd row.

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Someone just bought two seats right by the Cubs dugout for Game 7 on StubHub. Paid $19,900 each -- and that does not include fees.