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#Trump latest: - President condemned for pardoning 11 white collar criminals - Attorney general Bill Barr 'considering resigning' - Pete Buttigieg mocks president over Stormy Daniels affair

Pete Buttigieg turned an attack on Tuesday about his marriage into a pointed criticism of President Donald Trump and hush money payments he paid to porn star Stormy Daniels. Our story from Vegas:

Amie Harwick's ex-boyfriend 'stalked and threatened' her at a porn awards show hosted by Stormy Daniels

Pete Buttigieg takes a swipe at President Trump and the Stormy Daniels affair in defense of his gay marriage #CNNtownhall 

Here's how Stormy Daniels says she felt hearing about her former lawyer Michael Avenatti's conviction last week.

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On a new #CatchAndKill  Pod, go inside the election-season deals that suppressed stories about Karen McDougal and Stormy Daniels—part of a scheme that landed a Trump associate behind bars—with Keith Davidson, the lawyer who brokered those deals. Subscribe:

Stormy Daniels says that the jury found Michael Avenatti's 'true character'

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Stormy Daniels' ex-lawyer, Michael Avenatti, found guilty in Nike extortion case

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I love the fact that the progressive dupes who contributed to Stormy Daniels’ GoFundMe account will now see their money go to pay ‘s legal fees

One way you know Stormy Daniels is a serious threat to Trump: He has never once tweeted her name

As disgraceful as ‘grab them by the p**ssy?’ As disgraceful as ‘shithole’ countries? As disgraceful as black athletes being ‘sons of bitches’? As disgraceful as calling Omarosa a ‘dog’ or Stormy Daniels ‘horseface’? As disgraceful as ‘blood coming out of her wherever’? Seriously?

The FBI raids the offices of Trump attorney (and bag man?) Michael Cohen. This is when the Stormy Daniels story officially ceases to be about what happened in the bedroom and very much about what could happen in a court of law. A very ominous development for the President.

Note to news media: there is no North Korea "deal." If you use the word "deal" you're spreading Trump propaganda. A deal has terms, requirements, dates, numbers, specific consequences for violations of the deal. The last time Trump made a deal was his deal with Stormy Daniels.

Now, farmers are getting the full Stormy Daniels treatment - Trump screwed them and now he’s paying them off.

Memo to Gen. Kelly: Stormy Daniels reports that the became more compliant after been spanked. Desperate times demand desperate measures.