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"Before the city of Stockholm adopted congestion fees, public support was...30%... But convinced that the policy was sound, they enacted the fees on an experimental basis... Five years later, public support for the program stood at almost 70% " via Robert Frank@econnaturalist ()

@SykesCharlie  responds to @Scaramucci 's new viewpoint: "It's always great when people have their road to Damascus conversion ... there is a certain Don Quixote-like quality to all of this." And part of the Republican Party is suffering from "Stockholm Syndrome" #MTPDaily 

Chinese dance drama "To Meet the Grand Canal" wows audiences in #Stockholm , capital of #Sweden 

The hottest startups in Stockholm. Including: @northvolt  , @Lifesum  , and @KRYcare  Read the full list here

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Now Playing: Stockholm Syndrome by One Direction.

Love the smell of gasoline? It’s now at a Stockholm museum

Stockholm is taking sustainability to the next level.

It’s become a familiar pop culture reference–but the roots of ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ were anything but entertaining.

A large group of AIK ultras were among the supporters who headed over from Stockholm for the game with police making four arrests.

When Stockholm's Social Democratic Party broke a campaign pledge not to pursue congestion pricing, it was seen as a sort of political suicide. But that soon changed.


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In Stockholm today an old man asked me “what has happened to your country? You pulled out of Paris climate accord, you let anyone have machine gun, your president spouts hate. The America of my youth won World War II and was a model to the rest of the world. What happened?”

@93malabami : @NiallOfficial  WHAT ABOUT STOCKHOLM SYNDROME?”oh that too ! Ah I give up, it's too hard to pick

Really enjoyed adding Stockholm syndrome tonight

Stockholm we have missed you! It's deffinately good t be back!

Did Stockholm syndrome tonight for the first time! Really enjoyed it !

Shout out from Stockholm to all my #beliebers  for all of my nominations and my @shortyawards  win. Our Award

Stockholm was incredible last night ! Can't wait for Oslo tonight