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Steven Menashi has supported policies that are overwhelmingly racist, sexist, homophobic, and Islamophobic. What you need to know about one of Trump's latest judicial nominees: #StopMenashi  #ProtectOurCourts 

Steven Menashi has quite a record, both in and out of the current administration*.

Menashi has also worked with Steven Miller in crafting Trump's immigration policies. He wouldn't give any details on which policies he advised on though, which is what pissed off lots of senators.

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@realDonaldTrump  @BarackObama — a set of pollution protections for small streams and wetlands that had riled up opposition from coal miners, home developers, farmers and oil and gas drillers; your #TurdReichjudge  appointments are scary, in 3 words: Steven "Ethonationalism " Menashi.

Steven Menashi, President Trump's nominee for the 2nd US Circuit Court of Appeals, said at his confirmation hearing that he regretted if his writings for Dartmouth's conservative student newspaper had been "overheated or extreme" in advancing his arguments

NEW from me: Trump court nominee Steven Menashi said Wednesday he regrets if past editorials he wrote were "overheated or extreme." Menashi was criticized by senators for his pasting writings at his confirmation hearing.

Good morning! ☕ Yesterday, the Senate held its expedited confirmation hearing for Steven Menashi, the controversial WH legal aide that Trump picked for a lifetime federal judge. There were protests. There were arrests. And Menashi made it so much worse.

Sen. John Kennedy to Steven Menashi: "You're a really smart guy but I wish you'd be more forthcoming. This isn't supposed to be a game."

Capitol Police arrested five left-wing protesters disrupting the confirmation hearing for Steven Menashi at the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Sen. John Kennedy to Steven Menashi: "You're a really smart guy but I wish you'd be more forthcoming. This isn't supposed to be a game."


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Good morning! ☕️ Steven Menashi is getting his confirmation hearing this morning. Who? He's a White House legal aide that Trump has nominated to a lifetime seat on a US circuit court. Also he said all this stuff. Also he's only 40.

This is Steven Menashi, an extreme, partisan judicial nominee. Here he is defending an op-ed he helped write praising students for convincing their university to let a campus group ban gay people from being officers. Imagine being an LGBTQ litigant & having him as your judge.

One of Trump's most controversial judicial nominees to date, Steven Menashi, is getting his Senate confirmation hearing on Weds. It certainly appears the White House and Republicans are trying to quickly and quietly get him through.

Loud protests outside the Senate Judiciary Cmte right now, yelling “TITLE 9 IS ON THE LINE!” They’re protesting Steven Menashi’s circuit Court Nomination. Arrests likely.

Who is Steven Menashi and why are protesters so fired up about him being on his way to a lifetime federal judgeship? Here you go.

Per our segment last night on Trump's new federal appeals court nominee, Steven Menashi, here's some of what he has to offer on "Ethnonationalism and Liberal Democracy":

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Dozens of protesters gathering in Senate building before heading to senators' offices to confront them on their support for Trump's "narrow-minded judges" -- and to urge them to vote no on Steven Menashi. Arrests expected.

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The WH just formally sent Steven Menashi's nomination to the Senate. He's Trump's pick for a lifetime US circuit court seat who 1) compared race data collection in college admissions to Germany under Hitler 2) opposed “radical abortion rights" codified in Roe v. Wade. 🙃 (1/2)

Last stop on the judge protest train? Sen. Dianne Feinstein's office. She's the top Dem on the Judiciary Committee. Protesters are dropping off petitions with 108K signatures opposing Steven Menashi, whose confirmation hearing is tomorrow.