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Good riddance to very bad rubbish: Here are 5 of the ugliest moments in the Steve King Hall of Shame

This very good autopsy of Steve King’s loss suggests that House Republicans’ decision to remove the white nationalist from all committee assignments played a key role in his defeat. Iowans tolerated a racist, but drew the line at a racist with no power.

@SethAMandel  @slowhoneybeeThis  (very well-reported) piece left me wondering what would happen to a Steve King-type who actually got stuff done. If the winning message was “Steve King is ineffective” rather than “Steve King is a racist,” I’m still unsure what effective anti-racist GOP politics looks like?

An editorial: Steve King is out. Now let's find leaders who will bring us together. via @owhnews 

With Rep. Steve King losing re-election I wanted to re-share my favorite Steve King moment: when someone trolling him on the 4th of July asked him to thank Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men for his service, and he did.

Now that Steve King has lost his primary, it’s time to elect @Scholten4Iowa  to Congress —Another Trump-enabling Republican isn't much of an upgrade over an unrepentant bigot l @SteveKingIAke  . Same book, different jacket.

The defeat of controversial Iowa Rep. Steve King earlier this week in the #IA04  GOP primary came after a broad effort by Iowa’s political elite, Washington leaders, GOP donors and the White House.

EDITORIAL | Good riddance to Steve King and Valerie Plame after lost primary bids Isn’t it nice when voters have the wisdom to oust their own parties’ worst elements from positions of power?


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Steve King lost the Iowa GOP primary. That’s what we do. We vote racists out of office.

In some potential good news, it looks like Rep. Steve King, whose overt racism, backwards bigotry and self-righteous ignorance has been a cancer on this country for 17 years, is about to lose his primary. 🤞🏻

23 years ago today, Stone Cold Steve Austin defeated Jake "The Snake" Roberts to win King of the Ring tournament. Austin gave the WWE universe the infamous speech that put Austin 3:16 on the map.

I’ve always thought telling my children I served with civil rights icons like John Lewis & Elijah Cummings would be the highlight of my time in Congress. But now, I can share the time Matt Gaetz, Louie Gohhmert, & Steve King sat in an air-conditioned SCIF and ate pizza for 5 hrs.

Steve King is a racist, a misogynist and a disgrace to the country. He should not be a member of the United States Congress.

Hey everyone I need your help. I can’t get to explain why they gave 5K to Steve King despite his long history of racist comments and, recently, endorsing a white supremicist for mayor Can you ask them and let me know if you hear back? Maybe you’ll have better luck.

Pelosi just reiterated this now, and said: "No" when asked if Omar would be removed from committees as GOP is demanding. "A newcomer member of Congress has apologized for her remarks. It took them what, 13 years to notice Steve King?"

amazing to me that we had a week long controversy over a congresswoman saying “motherf***er” when steve king is just hanging out in congress as an open white supremacist

The modern GOP is basically Steve Bannon, Steve King and Stephen Miller on one side engaged in a project to preserve and enshrine dominance for its ethnic/racial base, and Paul Ryan and John Roberts on the other who pretend they have no idea what they’re up to.

Oh by the way, sitting US Congressman and member of the GOP in good standing, Steve King retweeted Nazi propaganda last week . #civility