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Anyone know when Steve Barclay’s new football podcast is coming out?

Not convinced that Steve Barclay knows the meaning of "to collude"

In a letter sent to UK counterpart Steve Barclay, Mike Russell sought clarification on Scotland’s role after comments from the PM on Wednesday.

“There will be no checks between Northern Ireland and GB” says PM > Steve Barclay said the very opposite in a select committee hearing earlier this week #PMQs 

Steve Barclay finally reveals what info the NI businesses will need to provide if they are transiting goods to GB. - Be done when booking the haulage/ferry. - involve "fairly straightforward data in terms of who is exports, who is importing and what the nature of goods are

Steve Barclay asked about checks on goods from NI to GB. "there will be minimal targeted interventions designed to prevent, eg, trade in endangered species" we will work with EU to eliminate these processes

Steve Barclay reminds me of a games teacher who’s having trouble covering for an absent colleague’s history class.

Steve Barclay has confirmed that businesses exporting from Northern Ireland to Great Britain will have to fill in export summary declarations. That is not the same as customs declarations, but it's not the same as unfettered access either. Sammy Wilson is predictably unimpressed.

Steve Barclay not bothering with any do-or-die stand on the Brexit transition deadline. Brexit Secretary tells peers the Government is "committed" to the December 2020 date, which it is "working towards" and "we are not envisaging an extension"

Steve Barclay’s problem at the dispatch box in the House of Commons is that he is more of a solicitor than a barrister. #Brexit 


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NEW: The UK appears to be drifting closer back to the original aims of the Northern Ireland backstop, I understand. This is the message Michel Barnier delivered to EU27 ambassadors late this morning following his meeting with Steve Barclay'>Brexit Secretary Steve Barclay

Officials briefed on the UK "non-papers" as well as the talks between the Steve Barclay'>Brexit Secretary Steve Barclay and EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier, have described the proposal as a "backward step" and "totally insane"

Steve Barclay'>Brexit Secretary Steve Barclay admits on BBC Today that the Government has no ‘alternative arrangents’ for no border between Ireland and Northern Ireland: Welcome to yesterday and the day before that and before that and.....

BREAKING All four indicative votes are voted down. House of Commons in absolute deadlock. Where will this end? Brexit secretary Steve Barclay tells MPs: "Default legal position remains that the UK leaves the EU in 11 days time."

Strangest 2 things of the night - Steve Barclay, the Brexit Secretary, voted against the plan he had been arguing for minutes before, and the chief whip who is in charge of getting MP s to back the govt, abstained

Brexit Sec Steve Barclay is having a v hard time trying to defend legal advice right now - instead of making it easier for PM to get her deal thro, seems so far that that Attorney General's advice is making it harder- one influential Brexiteer says it's 'devastating'

Dom Raab tells me on that the negotiating team should be political and suggests a senior cabinet member - perhaps his successor Steve Barclay - now takes the lead in Brussels *translation: ditch Olly Robbins*

Politicians of all complexions used to insist, rightly, that the UK would never give in to terror threats. Steve Barclay begs to differ. Brexit is debasing so much that was admirable about our country.

Mmmm... 'Steve may be a lovely man but this appointment just epitomises the utter farce of this govt and how toxic the Brexit post has become. Across the party there is total despair' - Barclay is well liked and seen as on his way up for sure, but it's certainly a big jump