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OBJ and the Giants at Sterling Shepard’s wedding 😂😂😂 (via @chaneliman)
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Lone cyclist responds to @POTUS motorcade shortly after departing Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, Va. (Photo: @b_smialowski/@AFP)
Patrick Dorismond had no drugs
Amadou Diallo had a wallet
Michael Brown was unarmed
Philando Castile had a permit
Tamir Rice had a toy
John Crawford III had a toy IN THE TOY AISLE
Alton Sterling was pinned
Freddie Gray was just riding his bike
Miriam Carey's baby was in the car
Alton Sterling, a black man who was face down on the ground at the time that Officer Blane Salamoni shot him a half dozen times in the back, will get no justice from his home state. Louisiana @AGJeffLandry personally declined to charge the two white policemen who murdered him.
Today, it was my honor to join the great men and women of @DHSgov, @CustomsBorder, @ICEgov and @USCIS at the U.S. Customs and Border Protection National Targeting Center in Sterling, Virginia. Fact sheet:
If Raheem Sterling shot Tupac, he’d be 47 today.
Only 50 days until the World Cup.

Only 64 days until JonJo Shelvey smashes a free-kick into the top tier during the last seconds of England's must-win game against Belgium and the Daily Mail writes 5 articles about Raheem Sterling buying a kitchen.
The violence that killed Alton Sterling and Philando Castile has become an all too common occurrence for people of color and IT. MUST. STOP.
BREAKING: NBA commissioner Adam Silver bans Clippers owner Donald Sterling for life.
The officer who shot Alton Sterling 6 times has been fired after the release of graphic, disturbing body camera footage. We need police reform and greater accountability nationwide to stop police brutalizing and killing people of color. #BlackLivesMatter
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