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Retired NBA player Stephen Jackson, a childhood friend of George Floyd, ripped Drew Brees for his 'naive' remarks on NFL kneeling protests

‘I think we’re going to get convictions’ — Former NBA player Stephen Jackson gave his thoughts on all 4 officers being charged in his friend George Floyd’s death

Jesse Jackson plans to speak on racial unrest Sunday at St. Stephen Church in Louisville:

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Stephen Jackson, a former NBA player and friend of George Floyd, his “twin,” says the memorial service was a “testament to who he was.” “He was somebody who would always spread love. He was a protector and provider to everybody.”

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, Stephen Jackson and Mark Cuban will join our conversation tonight. Inside the NBA - Coming up at 8pm ET on TNT.

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Stephen Jackson: "If you're not w/ us, if you're not standing on the side of right, then obviously you are the problem or a part of the problem. There is no more straddling the fence, we can't accept that. No more straddling the fence. Either you're with us or you're against us."

Civil rights leader Rev. Jesse Jackson is coming to Louisville Sunday to participate in a conversation with Rev. Kevin Cosby at St. Stephen Church.

Al Sharpton, Stephen Jackson and many more attended the memorial service for George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Drinkwitz noted the scene of George Floyd's daughter on Stephen Jackson's shoulders. "She said her daddy changed the world. ... He changed all of us, I believe."

In our first installment of "Justice Now" @marclamonthill  sits down with George Floyd's close friend Stephen Jackson to discuss social injustice. Watch the follow-up conversation this Sunday at 8/7c! @DaTrillStak5  #JusticeNowBET 


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Stephen Jackson spoke out at a news conference, promising to take care of George Floyd's daughter and demanding justice for his death.

Stephen Jackson holding up George Floyd’s daughter, Gianna, as she says “Daddy changed the world.” (via chrisstewart_esq_/Instagram)

Former NBA player Stephen Jackson delivers a powerful message to honor his longtime friend George Floyd.

“Daddy changed the world.” Powerful words from Gianna Floyd while Stephen Jackson carries her on his shoulders. (via skrptz/IG)

Stephen Jackson shared what LeBron told him in response to his powerful words about his friend George Floyd with @MarcJSpearsESPN .

Stephen Jackson with just about the most powerful words I’ve ever heard

“Bron is the best all-around player we’ve ever seen, but he hasn’t passed Kobe or Jordan.” - Stephen Jackson

Stephen Jackson says Melo's being blackballed by the league like he and AI were ? (via _stak5_/Instagram)