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Stephen Crabb-“Boris has strong support among Conservative MPs for trying to unblock Brexit. But he also has a duty as Prime Minister to try to bring unity to our country + reduce the level of poison in our politics. I was shocked by the way he responded to remarks about Jo Cox

“I lost count of the number of times the other candidates who sat here said ‘I agree with Sajid’.” Stephen Crabb says Sajid Javid is the man to unite a “deeply divided party” #newsnight  | @maitlis  | #BBCOurNextPM  | @scrabbmp 

🎙️“So there is no new proposition?” 🗣️“He wants to have a realistic and honest discussion with the Irish government” 🎙️“It sounds like he's Theresa May mark two… except he’s in trousers” @Emmabarnett  quizzes Sajid Javid backer Stephen Crabb MP over Javid’s new #Brexit  plans.

Stephen Crabb - who is supporting Sajid Javid - says he did receive a text “identical to a number of the ones on social media” from Rory Stewart asking for his support @RoryStewartUK  | @scrabbmp  | | @maitlis  #newsnight 

"It's really tight, at this stage it's just about survival" Stephen Crabb, who's backing Sajid Javid, on the home secretary's chances of going through to the next stage of the Tory leadership race Live updates as MPs' vote closes:

Stephen Crabb says PM has to go ASAP and new PM needed ‘within weeks’

Even Stephen Crabb, former minister who has been incredibly loyal tells colleagues at @BBCWales  he’d struggle to support this bill, predicting it may never come to a vote because hostility is too great

Stephen Crabb said the Tory party and Parliament appeared helpless and bereft of leadership

Stephen Crabb - peace in Northern Ireland single biggest achievement. Incumbent on all of us to protect that. Backstop is there for good reason. Never regard backstop as some kind of entrapment. I regarded that as some sort of conspiracy.


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Stephen Crabb has been appointed Secretary of State at the Department for Work and Pensions.

Amazing day knocking on doors in Preseli Pembrokeshire to #unseat  Stephen Crabb. Majority: 314 - and people were switching to Labour. Uh-oh!

Stephen Crabb thinks you can be cured of gayness. I have nothing further to say on this candidate for PM. As you were.

Awkward. There was already a 4,000-strong petition to remove Stephen Crabb as Mencap patron

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Ah. Stephen Crabb, the trustee of a Foodbank charity who voted against publication of a report on use of food banks in the UK. Good luck.

Stephen Crabb's expenses set out by Telegraph may come bak to haunt him now as much as IDS's £39 breakfast claim