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"Man, Toronto's lit!" Tony Allen@aa000G9 ) had a lot of good things to say about @Klow7  & the @Raptors  on #theBloc  with @SNJeffBlair , @richarddeitsch , & Stephen Brunt. #WeTheNorth  Full interview 🎧:

Start your week off right with @ScottyMacThinks , @mikezigomanis , & @hughwburrill ! ⬇️ 🥊 7:10 Stephen Brunt ⛳️ 7:30 @LeggoGolf  #PGA  ⚾️ 8:00 @jonmorosi  #MLB  🏒 8:30 @frankcorrado22  #NHL  + much more! 📻:

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"There is a better chance for the #Blue Jays to make the playoffs this year." @bnicholsonsmith  on how a shorten #MLB  season could affect the Jays with @SNJeffBlair , @richarddeitsch  & Stephen Brunt on #WritersBloc . Podcast/On-Demand 🎧➡️

How will the new deal between the MLB and MLBPA affect season and the #BlueJays ? @bnicholsonsmith  helps us break it down with @SNJeffBlair , @richarddeitsch  & Stephen Brunt NEXT on #WritersBloc ! 📻➡️

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The lineup with @richarddeitsch  and Stephen Brunt (*)Kevin Barker@coachherdman  (*)Glenn Healy@arielhelwani  @alanthomasdoyle  Supper Time Sing Along on his Facebook page tonight (), benefitting Kids Help Phone and A Dollar A Day Foundation #theBloc 

#WritersBloc with @SNJeffBlair , @richarddeitsch  & Stephen Brunt is LIVE! Today ⤵️ ⚾️ 1:25 Kevin Barker#MLB  #Bundesliga  ⚽️ 2:25 @coachherdman  #CANMNT  🏒 3:00 Glenn Healy#NHL  🥊 3:25 @arielhelwani  #UFC  🎶 3:40 @alanthomasdoyle  📻➡️

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"When guys do come up and have set backs... that can take a long time to overcome" #BlueJays  GM Ross Atkins on #WritersBloc  with @SNJeffBlair , Stephen Brunt & @richarddeitsch  on the importance of Nate Pearson's development time. Full interview 🎧➡️

Can reps turn an average fielder into a good one? Do the #BlueJays  have the parts for a plus defensive OF? 🤔 @GoldGloveDEVO  broke it all down with @SNJeffBlair , @richarddeitsch , & Stephen Brunt. #OpeningDayAtHome  🎧 ⬇️


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Today marks 65 years since the "Richard Riot" in Montreal – the defining moment that turned Maurice "Rocket" Richard into a cultural icon. From Stephen Brunt:

Henri Richard grew up in the shadow of his brother but he still managed to carve out his own place in hockey history. Stephen Brunt reflects on the life of the late Canadiens legend.

This is the North, the reality and the myth. Stephen Brunt welcomes you to Yellowknife and the Northwest Territories. #HockeyDay 

"The one word that comes to mind is freedom. For me, it was having the flexibility to just be a kid, a kid who wants to play outside." Jordin Tootoo spoke with Stephen Brunt about growing up in Northern Canada and triumphing over substance abuse. #HockeyDay 

Some personal/professional news: Thrilled to announce I'll be heading to Toronto later this year to join to co-host Prime Time Sports with and Stephen Brunt.

Stephen Brunt and Gordon Pinsent take to you Newfoundland, a unique part of Canada but bound to it by its love of hockey.

At 7, Stephen Brunt discovered Muhammad Ali. 25 years later, he knocked on the champ's door.

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#BlueJays capture the hearts of a nation. Watch full Stephen Brunt essay here:

Here is the Stephen Brunt essay to end all essays: #WeMightBeBias  Thank you Stephen and producer Chris Black