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The guy was accused (& subsequently fired) sexual harasser, worked for &the pr firm that stoked whelan’s bogus theory
Thanks to ’s steller reporting (NOT ample vetting by GOP) he was FIRED
Two Steller sea lions take a closer inspection of photographer Steve Woods' camera lens while he was diving off Vancouver Island, Canada
#YourShotPhotographer Steve Woods captured this moment of two Steller sea lions taking a closer look at his camera lens. He was diving off Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada, when he and a group of divers happened upon the underwater wildlife.
Beware the eiders of March. #IdesOfMarch

(Though they’re pretty steller)
Protestors gather outside Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton’s residence over #PhilandoCastile shooting via @chris_steller
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'Snow angel' left by Steller's sea eagle in Kronotsky reserve, Kamchatka
as seen by Liana Varavskaya
Who else is ready to dive into the weekend? Steller sea lion @GlacierBayNPS #Alaska #FindYourPark
The co-founder of Ripple and Steller @JedMcCaleb talks the rise of alt-coins $XLM $
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The ⭐of today’s story = Steller sea lions filmed by @PaulNicklen @Sea_Legacy
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