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For those of you taking virtual vacays for the long weekend ✈️🏖 #StayHomeWithE 

THE 👏 OG 👏 QUEENS 👏Watch every episode of #SATC  ever all #MemorialDay  weekend on E! #StayHomeWithE 

Patiently waiting for the stay at home orders to be lifted #StayHomeWithE  @E_NightlyPop 

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Me trying to summon my 3 day weekend to get here faster #KUWTK  #StayHomeWithE 

Me trying to calculate how long it'll be until I can go out again @MzGossipGirl  @E_NightlyPop  #StayHomeWithE 

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What has become your quarantine talent? Mine is self-care. Out here averaging 10 bubble baths per week 🛁 #StayHomeWithE 


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Fill in the blank: you're only as happy as your _______. #KUWTK  #StayHomeWithE 

Who else loves balancing their work and social life under the same roof?? 🙃🙃🙃 #KUWTK  #StayHomeWithE 

When I finally reunite with my BFF after social distancing: #TotalBellas  #StayHomewithE  @BellaTwins 

Day 1: At least we're at home together! Day 4: SIX FEET #KUWTK  #StayHomeWithE 

2020: *four months in* Me: don't me so f*@%ing rude #StayHomeWithE