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The stress of the coronavirus pandemic and the resultant stay-home orders have Americans across the country itching for a vacation. With tight budgets adding frustration to the equation, here's how to save a buck on your trip.

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How #COVID19  is fuelling the growth of the stay-at-home economy #StayHome 

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DOJ warns Los Angeles officials that its stay-home extension may be "arbitrary and unlawful"

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Hundreds rallied in Yakima on Sunday to oppose Gov. Jay Inslee's stay-home order, which they say tramples on their constitutional rights.

Although Governor Gretchen Whitmer extended the stay-home order until Friday, June 12, there are some sectors of the economy reopening this week.

Although the governor has extended the stay-home order until June 12, some sectors of the economy will continue to reopen this week.

#Stayhome guide for Monday: Make tasty chicken rendang, watch South-east Asian short films and more


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We talkin about practicing social distancing!!! #StayHome  #StaySafe 

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If this description of what it's like to die from Coronavirus doesn't make you #StayHome  nothing will.

Our smiles maybe fake but we are not 🐒😜 #StayHome  #stayhealthy  #staysafe 

From the article: “Her latest stay-home order is rubbing many citizens the wrong way, given the seemingly arbitrary stipulations. Garden seeds, paint and golf? Not OK. Alcohol, pot and lottery tickets? Go for it.”