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The average fashion show’s vital stats don’t exactly read green, but @gabrielahearst  is on carbon-neutral mission to change that.

Two telling stats on the Colts' offense going into today, via @SheilKapadia : Just 5.81% of Jacoby Brissett's passing plays have gone for more than 20 yds – that's 35th out of 38 QBs this year. But, Colts are averaging 7.2 plays per drive + 3:21 TOP per drive (both 2nd).

By the Numbers - A deeper look into the what the stats from the game tell us Worth noting that D'Andre Swift now leads the SEC in rushing yards...

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@ReserveBankZIM  has released #inflation  stats that conflict with the IMF & even Zim's own ZIMSTAT agency. They are all wrong. I am the only ACCURATE & RELIABLE source for #Zimbabwe 's inflation rate. By my measure, Zim's annual inflation rate is 488%/yr.

Leafs winning OT goal now given to Morgan Rielly on the final stats sheet.

Not sure which is worse, OT rules or the fact that OT stats count as regular stats


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so I don’t usually talk about stats like this but I found out Without Me is the #1  most played song on pop radio this year, and Nightmare is the most added song at radio this week. I am so beyond speechless. Thank you for taking my voice to places I never thought it’d touch 🖤

The stats are sublime. The player is sublime. #ThankYouEden 

While the media is fixated on tweets and fear mongering here's are some employment stats for Black American in July. 284,000 returned to labor force Participation rate soars 62.7% from 61.9% Unemployment gap between Black and White now second lowest on record (record May 2018)

Stats'>Derby Day StatsCity have won 5 trophies in the last 41 years . All since 2011. United have won 34 trophies in the last 41 years. However United have also won 5 trophies since 2011. Not such a dark period for United as we all think... ( don’t bite blues )

Women: tweet me your first assaults. they aren't just stats. I'll go first: Old man on city bus grabs my "pussy" and smiles at me, I'm 12.

Trump says El Paso's leaders are "full of crap" when they say the wall didn't lower crime. In fact, crime stats show El Paso was one of America's safest cities before fencing in late 2000's and after, no demonstrable change in violent crime.

Neymar has the lowest pain threshold of any player in World Cups since Opta stats began.

FEMA abruptly removes stats about Puerto Rico's drinking water and electricity, keeps stats showing positive signs

Dedication of you guys is amazing! Seen some of the ticket sales stats yesterday! Incredible job! We gona make the best show we can for you

Where have I seen stats like this before??? 😂