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CNN has the audacity to call Fox News "state run" while that liberal network had been carrying water for the Democratic Party for decades.
Just learned on @allinwithchris that @FoxNews canceled the Tom Steyer impeachment ads mid-contract. ATP how are they not state-run media?
Obama’s state-run capitalism—govt control of the financial, health care & energy sectors—is virtually the classic definition of Fascism
BREAKING: Iran's state-run news agency reports over 140 killed, 860 injured in 7.2-magnitude earthquake along Iran-Iraq border
North Korea's state-run media says U.S. President Donald Trump's tweet about having a bigger nuclear button than Kim Jong Un's is the "spasm of a lunatic"
More evidence thatTrump constructs his own reality, by mainlining Fox News state run/dear leader media and Rasmussen polls, which basically exist to cheer up Republicans. He lives inside a kind of theater of the mind, where Barack Obama is his eternal nemesis.
Not bringing press on a trip like that is unusual & insulting to any American who is looking for anything but a state-run version of events
Let me know when Twitter starts notifying users that they followed, cited or re-tweeted any of *these* state-run propaganda accounts. But please - for the sake of your health - don't hold your breath waiting for that to happe (v @adamjohnsonNYCia )
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