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State Dept says Clinton hid US$1m 'gift' from Qatar (at the time Qatar was funding ISIS)
Crooked's State Dept gave special attention to "Friends of Bill" after the Haiti Earthquake. Unbelievable!
To review:
-We are edging closer to a multi-national military conflict in Syria at the same time our State Dept is gutted...
US Ambassador to Qatar has resigned days after Trump renewed attacking the country, which undercut State Dept attempt to calm tensions
Clinton's charity confirms Qatar's $1 million gift while she was at State Dept (Reuters with more details)
BREAKING: A senior State Dept official discussed a "quid pro quo" w/the FBI in exchange for reclassification of HRC emails, per FBI docs.
'Clinton Campaign And Harry Reid Worked With New York Times To Smear State Dept Watchdog'
Time to #DrainTheSwamp!
If what is happening in Standing Rock were happening, in let's say Russia. State Dept. would be talking sanctions and human rights abuse.
US State Dept source provided Clintons with detailed heads up on potential scandals from Judicial Watch law suit
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