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Oioiiii. Tour starts tomorrow night and I can't wait to see you. Switzerland, I'll be seeing you very soon. Love, H
we're being starved and anyone who starts asking unpopular questions gets demonized. Only free thinkers can change the world
World Cup starts today !!!!!! Amazing !!!
Can't believe we just announced our stadium tour. Starts in latin america, ireland an UK. Hopefully we can bring it all around the world!!!
“@onedirection: The #OnTheRoadAgain1D tour starts in 13 hours in Australia! Countdown begins at 10.15pm UK time ...
The youngster puts it away!

Chicharito starts the counterattack and Chucky Lozano finishes it to give Mexico the 1-0 lead.
#OTRA USA /Canada starts today! Oohh yeh , and it kicks off in the beautiful San Diego! Can't wait to see you all again , it's been a while
Where we are tour starts tomorrow night ! I cannot wait to play! we are all really excited!
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