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Quiet in the realm.
“Beyond the Wall” starts now. #GameofThrones #GoTS7
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Could have been worse... thankfully this team has incredible ressources, and @marcosalonso03 left foot 💙 let the season starts now 🤘 #KTBFF
Never trust a tweet that starts with "when you"
When you've been rolling around all night then it starts to gets light outside and birds start chirping
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A shout-out, too, to Christensen, Morata and Bakayoko who all made their first league starts today and impressed. #TOTCHE
11 year old: "I was thinking. What if Alexa gets mad and starts ordering parts from Amazon to build herself a body?"
Me: O_O
World Cup starts today !!!!!! Amazing !!!
Everybody starts somewhere, trying to forget or ignore your past is ignoring a part of you.. good or bad thats how you got to where you are.
Can't believe we just announced our stadium tour. Starts in latin america, ireland an UK. Hopefully we can bring it all around the world!!!
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