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Rising Florida rap star YNW Melly shot two of his close friends dead and then with the help of another man tried to make it look like they had been the victims of a drive-by shooting, Miramar police announced Wednesday.
In her first ever interview, adorable “Bird Box” star @vivienlyrablair talks about treating animals “kind and wonderful” ❤️
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Star Wars: #TheLastJedi. Arriving in your galaxy December 15.
Watch the new trailer for Star Wars: #TheLastJedi and see it in theaters December 15. Get your tickets now:
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RT to Send my boy Chris Paul @CP3 to the NBA All-Star Game #NBAVote #retweettovote
It's official. STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI is the next chapter of the Skywalker saga. This December. #TheLastJedi
Bitch you instagram famous you is not a star
16 years ago today, MJ reminded Kobe how many rings he had during his final All-Star Game 🔥
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1 final thanks AND gotta rep my boy JHope!Namjoon, all in good fun, all ❤️ for RM! Congrats on ‘18 Global Music Star! Thanks for #KCAletting me 🎤💧 #DropTheMic
MJ & MJ hanging out at the NBA All Star Tech Summit
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