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Opinion, Star Editorial Board: Since we’re focused on infectious disease prevention, let’s use the opportunity to revive measures that would make a real difference to how many people routinely get sick in Ontario: paid sick days and an end to sick notes.

Star's Editorial Board argues restrictions on local municipalities endanger public health, too.

Movements like caremongering suggest we’re ready to tackle the COVID-19 challenge and that we can find and multiply the best in all of us, writes the Star editorial board.

Why the Arizona Daily Star's Editorial Board concluded that, in their opinion, Joe Biden is the better than Bernie Sanders to face Donald Trump in November.

It appears that halfway along the road he was elected to travel, Premier Doug Ford has lost his way, writes the Star Editorial board. How else to explain a man elected to lead opting to march the Ontario legislature resolutely into the past? #Editorial 

From April 2, 2019: The Star's Editorial Board wrote an opinion piece on the topic: "turning public licence plates into mobile billboards for the ruling party is a gross abuse of power. And that’s no joke."

Also new, the Star's editorial board (separate from the newsroom and my reporting) has called on Karygiannis to resign and the integrity commissioner to launch a thorough investigation:

“The ravines are to Toronto what canals are to Venice and hills are to San Francisco,” Robert Fulford wrote in his book. The best way to ensure the ravines have a healthy future is to help more people enjoy and value them, Star editorial board writes.

Once a shining star of the solar energy world, an entrepreneur is tied down with penalties | Editorial

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is taking his country down a dangerous and divisive path, writes the Star editorial board.


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Turns out, nope, you can't go home again. (At least not the way you're trying to, Mike Pompeo). It's Friday. Sit down, pour yourself a beverage and treat yourself to this absolute rocket of an editorial from the Kansas City Star:

Kansas City Star editorial: “Mike Pompeo, either quit and run for U.S. Senate in Kansas or focus on your day job”

#Editorial | If Doug Ford’s own caucus and cabinet don’t rein him in, they will be complicit in a historic betrayal of our freedoms, writes the Star's editorial board.

Standing ovations for Doug Ford and his cabinet ministers have become mandatory for PC MPPs in the legislature, turning the government side into a crowd of fawning applauders worthy of citizenship in North Korea, writes the Star editorial board.

Canadians know nice. We made it an art form. And your boss, Ms. Sanders, couldn’t spell nice if you spotted him both the vowels. Star Editorial Board:

Today’s @nytimes  editorial: “We live at a time when a porn star displays more credibility and class than a president.”

Former Star editorial board member Nathan Laurie writes that Doug Ford's promise to slash $6 billion from Ontario's budget is impossible and doesn't add up — unless he plans on firing every public sector worker and running the province by himself.

The Kansas City Star's editorial board asks where their president is.

Wow. Indianapolis Star devotes tomorrow's front page to editorial on "religious freedom" law: "Fix This Now"

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