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There is something so chilling and authoritarian about Pompeo continuing to refer to Khashoggi’s “disappearance.” We know he was murdered. Pompeo knows he was murdered. The Saudis know he was murdered (because they murdered him.) “Disappearance” sounds Stalinist in this context.
"Hi, I'm Jeff Flake. I'm really worried about our Stalinist President, which is why I voted less than 24 hours ago to increase his domestic spying powers and prevent any safeguards or checks on how Stalin can use those powers. I'm available for cable TV interviews and praise!"
Tell us what you think of this @Kasparov63 . Are you on board with this Stalinist sentiment?
In the Soviet Union, people with unpalatable views were accused of mental illness. I wonder if those Stalinist tactics are still used today
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@CalebHowe It's also Stalinist garbage: "If you're innocent why do you need a lawyer? If you're innocent, why not ask for an investigation? If you're innocent, why are you so angry about the accusations? Isn't being angry proof you did it? "
Until now, I didn't realize how oppressed I am. I mean, sure, I get to write for the Times, am very well paid, and am invited to speak to audiences all over the world. But sometimes people criticize me and my ideas. Why, it's positively Stalinist!
Dershowitz: US investigation is Stalinist. Crimes should be investigated, not people.
“I look at Donald Trump and the violence he has done to constitutional norms, the contempt he has shown for the rule of law, the Stalinist phrases he trots out when speaking about the free press our founders saw as the cornerstone of the Bill of Rights.”
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