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Best of luck to the @england under 21's squad ! Let's smash the Euros !! #U21EURO
Adam Thielen's story is so inspiring.

-$500 scholarship to D-II Minnesota State

-Undrafted in 2013

-Got an internship selling dental equipment

-Made Vikings practice squad

-Emerged as record-breaking NFL star
😍 Welcome back to the squad @samumtiti 😍
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Watch the Maduro death squad in #Venezuela drag a man into the street, shoot him at point blank range & then drive off.

Let there be no doubt that this regime is not a government, it is a mafia.
The Space Jam sequel with @KingJames has been announced!

How many championships will the Tune Squad win?
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No words @D_DeGea
What an attitude from the whole SQUAD! 🔴 @ManUtd
2018 Oscars had 500 LAPD, LAFD, Bomb Squad, Sheriff’s, FBI, DHS, DOT, private cops, canines, barriers, armored cars, rooftop sharpshooters. Celebs say walls are unnecessary, guns are bad, and Americans are racist for thinking open borders are dangerous.
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