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Did you spy @MKBHD  and @ijustine  in my @KTLAMorningNews  segment today? Yep! That's them talking about Apple's new way to play video games. Watch:

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Double dipping. Hacking to Spy and making a buck in video games @techreview 

🏝 Barca's marooned midfielder. 🏆 Independence Day in Copa Sudamericana. 🕵️‍♂️ Man Cityspy games. #SportsBurst 

Republicans drilling down on the issue of "exonerate." Mueller says Trump not guilty of conspiring with Russia, but not exonerated either. Some Americans may feel Trump is being unfairly accused of being half-guilty. but in spy games, there are seldom clear lines or smoking guns

Spy Games: #Iran  Arrests 17 ‘CIA agents’, sentences some to death READ MORE:

NEW POST: Games Which Have Been Around for a While $GOOGL $IWM $QQQ $SPY $TTD

Is this the first glimpse of the Chinese spy ship sent to monitor war games off Queensland?

Chinese spy ship staying just outside Australia's territorial waters ahead of war games

* It’s all fun & games until the hedge funds join the party .. and the mopes are coming! $SPY


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Lasers, frogmen, helicopters, drones: the spy games in Djibouti, the new front line in the superpower conflict.

Spy games: Britain’s MI6 horrified at Trump’s plan to declassify details of FBI’s Carter Page wiretap

When you’re caught up in the intricate nitty-gritty of clandestine spy-games, it’s easy to miss the bigger political picture.

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