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The lidar on ICESat-2 detected seasonal changes in the water level of Lake Mead. The lake is quite a bit higher in spring. #NASA 

"Republican legislators want the tax cut in place for spring 2020 filers so they can tell people they cut their taxes," write the Tribune Editorial Board. "But the reality is that for all but the high rollers, it won’t be enough to change anyone’s budget."

Never truly appreciated how hard it is to throw a 95 mph fastball until I saw a radar-gun pitching concession at a spring training game one year. Big, strong dudes were winding up, heaving with everything they had...and topping out at around 71.

This is not only Minnesota’s best new restaurant, I think it’s our 5 state area’s best restaurant period. Full stop. And will be nominated for a Best New Restaurant@beardfoundation  award come spring. But I’m very biased! Congrats to the whole Demi team

'Mrs. Doubtfire' to Reach Broadway in Spring 2020

It’s hard to argue that anybody right now is hotter than Russell Wilson, who became the highest-paid player in NFL history in the spring. A five-time Pro Bowler, Wilson is in prime position early in 2019 to get his first Most Valuable Player Award.

Looking for #cybersecurity  training in & near DC? Check out these events: 2019 --> #SANSCDI  | Washington, DC | 35+ Courses 2020 --> #SANSFairfax  | 7 Courses #SANSReston  Spring | 10 Courses #SANSNorfolk  | 7 Courses #SANSBethesda  | 6 Courses View more:

We’re motoring on with another 3 hours of bands left at Laidley Field! Spring Valley HS on the field! @WOWK13News  @RSNsports1 

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MCU's Phase 4: #BlackWidow  May 1, 2020 #Eternals  - Nov 6, 2020 Falcon & The Winter Soldier - Fall 2020 #ShangChi  - Feb 12, 2021 #WandaVision  - Spring 2021 #Loki  - Spring 2021 #DoctorStrange  - May 7, 2021 #WhatIf  -Summer 2021 #Hawkeye  - Fall 2021 #Thor  - Nov 5, 2021 #Blade  - TBD

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The boys in the band: V, Suga, Jin, Jungkook, RM, Jimin, & J-Hope of wear Spring 2018 CALVIN KLEIN JEANS in . #MYCALVINS 

That's the ticket: the boys of @BTS_twt  wear Spring 2018 CALVIN KLEIN JEANS in @voguemagazine . #MYCALVINS 

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We are here on this beautiful spring day to unveil our plan to create a fair, modern & LAWFUL system of immigration for the U.S. If adopted, our plan will transform America’s immigration system into the pride of our Nation and the envy of the modern world.

Beautiful day in London today ! Spring is definitely here