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...Four reporters spotted Melania in the White House last week walking merrily along to a meeting. They never reported the sighting because it would hurt the sick narrative that she was living in a different part of the world, was really ill, or whatever. Fake News is really bad!
The #BBMAs got a really big team. 💯 @TheChainsmokers x @BTS_twt spotted.
Crisis actor spotted at Texas child migrant detention center (via @latimesopinion)
A large inflatable duck escaped a charity event in Des Moines, Iowa, after breaking free of its tethers, and was spotted tumbling down a road as motorists calmly drive by.
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Pssst, #EXOL, look who we spotted on the wall of @theforum at #iHeartALT! (RT when you see it!) You guys are everywhere... 💫

#BestFanArmy #iHeartAwards
Wow! Just spotted John Kerry sitting w/ James Taylor up in Biz Class on my @Delta flight to TLV. Said they are on their way to Tehran so Kerry can salvage Iran deal. Taylor will sing "You've Got a Friend" to Ayatollah. Cargo hold said to be filled with pallets of cash.
This truly massive alligator was spotted casually walking across a path in Central Florida. The locals call it "Hunchback."
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Randomly Just spotted Veronica in iron man 3 aha it's right after the Christmas tree advert if u find her take a pic
Not all superheroes have a cape, some have a towel. Meet Swapan Debbarma who saved a train accident btwn
Ambassa & Agartala.He spotted a derailed track & jumped onto d track,waved his towel,stopped the Train from an accident & saved thousands of lives.Such heroes must be rewarded
“I’m going to get my camera but I’m closing the door!”

Enormous alligator spotted crossing a golf course in South Carolina while a family of deer look on in amazement.
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