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Spotify has supposedly been testing these voice-controlled streaming music gizmos for cars over past few months, but I've never actually seen one in the wild. Here's the first pix and details I've seen of the Car Thing:

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We just got our best look yet at Car Thing, Spotify's mysterious music streaming gadget that it has no plans to sell

Both companies are still far off from catching up with the number-one music streaming service, Spotify.

"In The Paint"🎙️on 2020 #MCDAAG  roster 3 players off 1 team 2nd time (never happened 1st 40 years), biggest snubs, the why/why not! 🗣️ Zion, Astros & more! 🎧 Episode 53 ➡️ 🎧 Spotify▶️ 🎧 SoundCloud▶️

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@JBALVIN  is bringing his life and success story to a new original @Spotify  podcast called "Made in Medellin"

WATCH: "And the iguanas came back to life... And they caused an accident" Iguanas falling from the sky because #Florida . Get the rest of the story on #SportsBrothers  Spotify: Apple:

Looking at the @DundalkStadium  card tomorrow night? Johnny Ward made it clear on #OnTheWire  that there is a 14/1 chance that he fancies to run a big, big race. Listen to the latest podcast in full on Apple, Spotify and other podcast platforms, or here >

Bob and Andrew sit down with @CSISEcon  expert Stephanie Segal to give a forecast of the global economy in 2020. Apple: Spotify: