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These 3 lipsticks claim to be long-lasting, and, spoiler alert, they *really* work!

@Tyler_Bate  vs. @KassiusOhno  RIGHT NOW on #NXTUK ! Spoiler alert: It's going to be a REALLY good match.

Watch real attacks and learn the moves to defend yourself. Spoiler Alert: Start hitting and don't stop!

SPOILER ALERT: no president ever really cares about school shootings! >=( xoxo RT #Truth 

SPOILER ALERT: A male contestant has been accused by multiple women of inappropriate behaviour on @SurvivorCBS .

Lazard is the latest investment bank to set its sights on the unglamorous middle market. (Spoiler alert: there isn’t enough business for everybody.)

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Spoiler alert: cookies ARE the answer to better living. 📍: Gideon's Bakehouse 📸: heydavina via IG

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@BTS_twt  played the "Most likely to…" game. Spoiler alert: It was adorable. 💜

ANIMALS!!!! yall deserve to know first.....New Music Is Coming VERY Soon!!!! So excited!  Spoiler alert - I Got My Ball's Back☠️👾👽

. played the “Most likely to…” game and spoiler alert - it was adorable. 💚 Subscribe to listen to their full interview: #WE_ARE_SUPERHUMAN 

@pledis_17  stopped by Tumblr HQ to answer fan Qs! Spoiler alert: we're all Carats now. 💎 Check out their full #AnswerTime  on ➡️

U.S. Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s brother-in-law has won more than $7 million in military contracts in McCarthy’s district by claiming that he’s one-eighth Cherokee. Spoiler alert: He... is not Cherokee.

. tells what they can’t live without while they’re on the road. ✈️ Spoiler alert: they mention bath bombs! #BTSonE  #BBMAs 

Spoiler Alert: The President will lie to the American people from the Oval Office tonight. The only crisis that exists is the one he manufactured and the only wall that's real is the one closing in on him.

Betsy DeVos is the worst Secretary of Education this country has ever seen. and I did a full review of her first year on the job and – spoiler alert – she failed every test. #DeVosWatch 

Iceberg? Spoiler Alert: It was the Zombies. Watch the first look at Voyage of Despair, an all-new Zombies experience in Call of Duty®: #BlackOps4