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Keep up on the latest news by reading our weekly newsletter. Spoiler alert: we talked about the GM worker strike, impeachment and SCOTUS.

Rachel Greszler says it's time to. stop ignoring this major threat to U.S. economy: Unfunded retirement deficits. Spoiler: They're almost as big as our debt.

Don’t forget to check out @DeadlineDominic’s review of #Watchmen  before catching it on @HBO  tonight. Spoiler alert: He loves it.

80% of Americans search for health information online. But is all of it accurate? Spoiler alert: it's not. How do you navigate confusing health headlines? We can help:

Slate Spoiler Specials on Bong Joon-ho’s Hitchcock-like dive into economic inequality.

Hillary Clinton’s suggestion this past week that Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard is being “groomed” by Russians to act as a spoiler in the 2020 race may have had the opposite effect of what the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee intended: It’s elevated...

Enneagram + homeopathy = ??? (spoiler: nonsense + nonsense = nonsense) via @edzardernst 


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@BTS_twt  played the "Most likely to…" game. Spoiler alert: It was adorable. 💜

It’s been over 24 hours. No more spoiler alerts. Here’s why @AOC  and I are officially on #TeamSansa  now.

@pledis_17  stopped by Tumblr HQ to answer fan Qs! Spoiler alert: we're all Carats now. 💎 Check out their full #AnswerTime  on ➡️

This Disney heiress is here to tell you exactly what the 1% did with Trump’s tax cuts Spoiler: They didn’t create more jobs and increase salaries

NCT 127 to have LieV and share various stories including their upcoming new album spoiler and more! 📺 ‘NCT 127 X LieV - NCT 127의 눕방라이브!’: 2018.10.1. 9PM (KST) 💿 #NCT127_Regular_Irregular ’ Album Release: 2018.10.12. #Regular_Irregular  #NCT127_Regular  #NCT127  #NCT 

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Dems holding a conference call today to discuss their next moves now that Mueller announced no collusion and no obstruction. SPOILER: They're going to keep focusing on stopping the President, not helping the country.

. tells what they can’t live without while they’re on the road. ✈️ Spoiler alert: they mention bath bombs! #BTSonE  #BBMAs 

Betsy DeVos is the worst Secretary of Education this country has ever seen. and I did a full review of her first year on the job and – spoiler alert – she failed every test. #DeVosWatch