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I have never in my life seen a more spineless show of cowardice than the Republican Senators refusing to debate and vote on background checks without “permission” from the White House. Give me a break.

Spineless Republican incumbents have a choice: Continue to support Trump’s irresponsible emergency declaration, or stand up for their states.

Over and over spineless Republican senators fail to stand up for their states as critical defense and military preparedness projects pay the price.

‘We’re not going to turn on our own’: Republicans rally around Trump as threats mount - The Washington Post > the rot is visible, the stench is rising and the once proud and principled Republican Party is in the hands of spineless, corrupt sycophants.

As a government shutdown looms, NYT reports that disheartened Republican lawmakers aren't even showing up for work. A more spineless bunch you'll never see

As a spineless Republican Party folded into the Trump Party, McCain came to stand almost alone as a politician of principle. His party moved. He did not.

Krugman is right that the spineless cowardly Republican “leadership” is much more dangerous than Trump is alone.

Today will go down as a dark day for the New York Senate. The spineless Republican leadership crumpled under pressure from the narrow minded and extreme views of a couple of Senators. Angry parents aren’t going to forget their outrageous dereliction of duty anytime soon.

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Has a single Republican congressman or senator called Trump out on his GHWB insults? What a spineless bunch.


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McConnell embodies the decline of the Republican party. His spineless political posturing places party above country, even as demagogues and foreign governments attempt to undermine our democracy. In pursuit of power, he has done profound damage to our system of governance.

"They are so spineless in the Republican Party now. Puppets!" on the GOP supporting Trump's dubious claims against the Mueller Probe. #Hardball 

The Republican senators who vote NO on the #OmnibusBill  today are the only ones who deserve to be re-elected. The rest of them are spineless cowards to afraid to say no to tax & spend democRATS. Vote them out!

There’s going to be a civil war in the Republican party; Democratic party, still relatively spineless and milquetoast.

Instead of disavowing this "rigged" election absurdity outright, Republican leaders sit by in spineless silence.…

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