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Trump apparently shrugged off coming debt crisis with "Yeah, but I won't be here." Sadly that sentiment could also apply to the global community when it comes to climate change. Reports about carbon emissions spike is deeply disturbing. Who will champion action rather than delay?
Merriam-Webster names 'justice' its Word of the Year for 2018, after it saw a 74% spike in look-ups compared with 2017
Absolute honour to have met spike lee tonight, the guys a legend and a HUGE knicks fan !
Trumpcare by the numbers: 850% premium spike for elderly, 14 mil lose healthcare in 1st year, 1 in 6 w pre-existing conditions lose coverage
Sneak peek of me looking like Spike Spiegel in the new #BoysByGirls issue. Check it this month, lots of great phot…
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Tennessee, nationwide voting registrations spike after gets political on
13 nominations for Jesus Christ Superstar this morning! John got two emmy nominations! If he wins, he will complete his EGOT and my spike tv award will probably be moved. But it’s ok I AM SO PROUD!
#Epiphany Webster's Dictionary tweets about how #BTS albums spike up search volume on vocabulary
never thought I’d get to actually play what I thought was a hypothetical game of what would you grab if there were a fire. so far all I have is Luna, some limited edition Oreos and my spike tv award
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