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Clinton's Pied Piper Strategy (use media contacts to promote Trump) has backfired spectacularly. PDF of our leak:
You're the guy who rebooted Ghostbusters with an all-female cast to suck up to feminists - and it tanked spectacularly, right?
The GOP tried to troll Hillary Clinton. It backfired spectacularly.
Lion's attempt to hunt a hippopotamus in Kenya backfires spectacularly.
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In cancelling the European Football Show, BT Sport have wiped out one of their few innovative ideas. It's a spectacularly bad decision.
A Republican Congressman tried to throw cold water on Trump-Russia collusion. It backfired spectacularly.

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Kid wanted to write 'I come in peace'. Spectacularly didnt.
I make bad decision when I drink, and spectacularly bad decisions when I don't.
After Clinton campaign spectacularly misses the mark – Latinos tell her you're #NotMyAbuela:
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