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BIG QUESTIONS: If no state in India is more equal than the other then why aren’t special provisions uniformly done away with? Tweet your view with #KashmirQuestion  .

People were barred from offering Friday prayers at the grand mosque after the #Centre ’s decision to abrogate the special provisions for Jammu and Kashmir given under #Article370  of the Constitution.

The #government  withdraws the #JammuandKashmir  Reservation (Second Amendment) Bill 2019 from the #LokSabha  as central laws providing quota to the economically backward class are now applicable to the union territory post repeal of special provisions under #Article370 .

SEC Special Hearing Panel rules in favor of ex-Health Sec. Bengzon in battle for control of The Medical City. Docs show the group of Jose Xavier Gonzales was fined for violating 3 provisions of the Securities Regulation Code before acquiring control of TMC. | via @wddeguzman 

Govt clarifies, there is no proposal to bring any changes in special provisions under Article 371(2) and Articles 371 (A) to 371 (I) of the Constitution of India.

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The balancing done by the Supreme Court needs to be seen in the backdrop of the already enacted Places of Worship (Special Provisions) Act, 1991 #AyodhyaVerdict 

@kdrajagopal  @SobhanaKNair  #AyodhyaVerdictlive  | SC refers to Places of Worship (Special Provisions) Act, which prohibits conversion of any place of worship, to say that all religions are equal #AyodhyaJudgment 

Here's a spooky thought for #Halloween . Washington is still considering reviving expired tax provisions that will increase national debt but largely benefit special interests via . The should stay de @AFPhqd . #ZombieExtenders 

Two Kashmiri Pandits and an apex body of various associations formed by the community have moved the Supreme Court in support of the government's decision to abrogate provisions of #Article370  that gave special status to #JammuAndKashmir .

India has defended its decision to abrogate provisions of Article 370 that gave special status to Jammu and Kashmir and the subsequent restrictions in the state with authorities saying the ban on communication services in the Valley has helped save lives.


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In real terms: the constitutionally mandated separate flag & separate constitution of Jammu and Kashmir along with other special provisions like barring outsiders from buying land or voting rights are now gone. There are no "state citizens" any more.

Viscount Ridley deeply unhappy about one day fast-tracking of Bill through Lords - mildly amusing that Act that had to be passed in order to nationalise the bankrupt bank he chaired - Northern Rock - the Banking (Special Provisions) Act 2008 - was indeed fasttracked one day

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#Assam | "BJP government respects Article 371 (special provisions for Northeastern states) and will not alter it in any way": Union Home Minister Amit Shah in Guwahati. (ANI) More on

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We are going to put special provisions in our manifesto for young entrepreneurs who want to start a business: CP #VanakkamRahulGandhi 

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Attended today’s AP Assembly session with fellow ministerial colleagues, wearing a black badge. This black badge symbolises our protest against the centre’s unfulfilled assurances regarding the special status and provisions under AP Reorganisation Act.

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Here it is: 500 pages of special interest provisions, written in back rooms with lobbyists and no time for senators – let alone the American people – to read it before voting. We need to start over and work together to cut taxes for working people, not corporations.

In tax bill, "Questionable special-interest provisions have been stuffed in along the way, out of public view and in some cases literally in the dead of night."

#GOPTaxScam is riddled with special interest provisions, but one of the most outrageous is the Hillsdale Handout – a tax exemption for a college that refuses to comply with nondiscrimination law. Make your voice heard against this egregious tax scheme.

Special provisions have been made under MPF Scheme for improving internal security, law & order, policing infrastructure among other aspects

We put special provisions with regard to privacy, making violation of privacy other than the purposes defined in the Act punishable : FM