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Australia seized 1.8 tons of meth worth $818,000,000 in the @AusBorderForce 's biggest ice drug bust. The drugs, which included 82 pounds of heroin, were smuggled from Bangkok in stereo speakers

‘I realized that these speakers are not speaking, they’re singing’ — Here’s why actor Daniel Kaluuya took up opera in preparation for his role as Fred Hampton in the upcoming biopic ‘Jesus Was My Homeboy’

Video: Australian police seize over 1.6 tons of meth, heroin hidden inside stereo speakers

Spanish speakers: NIDA scientist Dr. Ruben Baler talks about the risks and consequences of #steroid  misuse: #NIDAteens 

Here is Tech Guide’s 12 Days of Christmas Gift Ideas – Day 4: Headphones/Speakers. See our suggestions here: @Bose  @BowersWilkins  @skullcandy  @JBLaudio  @Plantronics  @Sony  @beatsbydre  #Christmas  #GiftGuide  #Headphones 

Get tips to brand building from celeb speakers at the ESSENCE New Voices Entrepreneur Summit! Sign up FREE! #NewVoicesSummit  #EssenceTargetMarket 

Can anyone recommend a record player that will play over my blue tooth speakers?

Smart speakers can now spice up your sex life: Here’s how

Other speakers have compared Israel to white supremacists, rapists


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RESPONSE⬇ Speaker Pelosi ignores the basic standards of due process observed by past Speakers of the House. This is a sham process, a political messaging campaign served to reverse the results of an election that her party could not win. The American people deserve better.

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From now on, we must ask every school-going child and every parliamentarian to view this video (subtitled for non-hindi speakers) so that it is hard-wired into their minds...This is a required course in how Indian Democracy should be practised..

When it’s all said and done, Nancy Pelosi will be considered one of the worst Speakers in history.

Past five Speakers'>House Speakers: Newt Gingrich – resigned Dennis Hastert – resigned then imprisoned John Boehner – resigned Paul Ryan – resigned Nancy Pelosi – reclaims Speaker role after 8 years

Pink speakers are still right where I left em! :) if you remember haha xx

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getting mic’d so you unfortunately have to listen to me ramble through your speakers

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Almost forgot about this, but yesterday, Matt Gaetz burst into the Speaker’s Lobby all upset and demanded to know which reporter is asking all his colleagues if they hate him.

. cannot use military plane to war zone and NATO that speakers are entitled to (for security since 9/11 because she is in line of succession) but Melania Trump flew tonight to Maralago on same type of military 757 from JBA. Alone.

Democrats should be wary of throwing away one of the most disciplined speakers in recent memory. Pick a speaker who is over their head and the House turns into a shit storm fast. One more thing: Republicans ran against Pelosi this year and had their worst loss since Watergate.

Trump picked “American Dream Week” to tell black kids they’re unwanted in college and non-English speakers they’re unwelcome in the nation.