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John Bercow: How ‘VOCIFEROUS’ Speaker would be handling coronavirus revealed by biographer #johnbercow  #Coronavirus 

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John Bercow biographer on truth of Speaker’s ‘FRACTURED relationship’ with Lindsay Hoyle#johnbercow  #Brexit 

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The former Speaker John Bercow'>Commons Speaker John Bercow today said he struggled to work with pro-Brexit MPs' "mood swings" during debates last year over the UK's withdrawal from the European Union.

Andrea Leadsom reignites her feud with ex-Speaker John Bercow in lighthearted ministerial resignation speech

John Bercow biographer exposes Speaker's biggest regret – and it may surprise Brexiteers

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John Bercow, former Speaker of the House and Member of Parliament, takes the floor in the Mansion House to celebrate @MHCLawyers  #mhc50  and asks “can you hear me at the back?”. Apparently someone previously responded: “yes but I’ll happily change places with somebody who can’t!”

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Former Speaker John Bercow told James O'Brien that the recent bullying allegations levelled against him are part of a campaign to prevent him receiving a peerage - listen to the episode of Full Disclosure with James O'Brien here. @mrjamesob 

Northumberland MP Guy Opperman says the Commons is a better place without John Bercow as Speaker


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How to maintain order during a Brexit vote in the House of Commons like Speaker John Bercow. #TheMoment 

"None of you is a traitor... the sole duty of every member of Parliament is to do what he or she thinks is right" Speaker John Bercow'>Commons Speaker John Bercow defends Parliament, after MP accuses Theresa May of "pitching MPs against the public" over #Brexit 

"I'm no longer the Speaker. I don't have to remain impartial now... Brexit is the biggest foreign policy mistake in the post-war period" Former Speaker John Bercow'>Commons Speaker John Bercow speaks his mind on Brexit

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"This is not a standard or normal porogation" - Speaker John Bercow'>Commons Speaker John Bercow says the suspension of parliament is "an act of executive fiat". Follow live here:

John Bercow, the Speaker of the House of Commons, tells off foreign secretary Boris Johnson for using 'inappropriate and sexist' language

Jacob Rees-Mogg tells the Conservative Party conference that Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow has "damaged the standing of the House in the eyes of the British public to its lowest point in modern history" #CPC19 

"This has been the greatest privilege and honour of my professional life" John Bercow receives a standing ovation from MPs, as he announces his intention to stand down as House of Commons Speaker

"It is inappropriate, and frankly sexist, to speak in those terms." Speaker John Bercow reprimands Boris Johnson after he referred to the shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry by her husband's name.

“I didn’t know… that he was in any sense a delicate flower.” Speaker John Bercow responds to Brexiteer Peter Bone after the MP calls Donald Tusk’s ‘special place in hell’ remark “a completely outrageous insult”.

Commons Speaker John Bercow says Theresa May cannot hold a third vote on her Brexit deal if her motion is the same, or very similar to, the one that was heavily defeated last week, citing 'convention' dating back to 1604.