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Abortion is a serious, life-altering procedure. Abortionists should not be able to claim to represent women’s best interests while simultaneously seeking to eliminate protections for the women they claim to speak for.

can someone dub over the We Speak Simultaneously sections with the Confrontation from Les Miserables

To be clear. An impeachable offense is anything that the US House can get 218 members to vote saying it is. They get to define it. As far as obstruction goes, it’s rich to say there were no direct witnesses, while simultaneously refusing to let them speak.

And he does NOT get to speak ill of @elizabethforma  or any other principled woman on my watch while simultaneously handing out passes to jerk dudes. Saying Midwest white guys just don’t like blacks or girls, so everybody better get in line is BS. I’m on @MMFlint  to you .

Can the Malians Speak: It has become customary to discuss Mali while simultaneously ignoring Mali. #Rewind  #Archives 

While in jail, Wilde, perhaps the most talkative person who ever lived, was not permitted to speak a word. Ever. For two years. Not once. Perpetually starved and underfed, when he was fed it left him simultaneously malnourished and suffering from nonstop dysentery and diarrhea.

IP CTS allows individuals who can speak but have difficulty hearing over the telephone to use a display-equipped phone & broadband connection to simultaneously listen to the other party and read captions of what the other party is saying.

My imposter syndrome exists somewhere between recoiling at the thought of listening to myself speak on the radio and avoiding eye contact in a mirror to simultaneously tweeting links and selfies asking you to look so I don't have to

Interesting: In separate press releases delivered simultaneously to the Parliamentary Press Gallery, @Puglaas  and @philpott  announce they’ll speak to their political futures Monday, one from Vancouver, one from Markham. #cdnpoli 

Are you trying to say I can believe in free speech while simultaneously not having some people come and speak in my house?


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Fun Speak Now Stat #1 : 11 songs simultaneously on the Hot 100 ... most ever by a female artist

So, for the 169th time, Trump AGAIN, is WASTING a MILLION DOLLARS to jaunt down to Mar-a-Lago for a few rounds on the greens at his own resort while SIMULTANEOUSLY declaring a National Emergency. How does this make ANY SENSE? Trump's ACTIONS speak VOLUMES to oppose his WORDS!

Kim Jong Un did not speak, but NK’s ceremonial head of state Kim Yong Nam did. His most noteworthy remark was telling soldiers to prepare simultaneously to fight a war but also be ready to battle for economic development — construction, infrastructure, etc.

Feels like 95% of my Twitter mentions think it's impossible to simultaneously believe that 1. Russia is capable of hosting a brilliant, fun, welcoming World Cup and 2. Russia has major problems which it's legitimate for journalists to speak about.

Wow, Bernie! Way to speak directly to all of America’s youth while simultaneously being an old man! #DemDebate  #NotReallyWatching