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“I have very good friends that are black,” Jim Cleveland told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “I have Spanish, Asian, all kinds of members in my church, and none of them consider me a racist.”

"In light of the current makeup of parliament, the main thing is to defend the Constitution." On the 41st anniversary of the Spanish Constitution, Spain's main political parties have taken a clear stand to protect the landmark document

We need to open a new chapter based on peaceful coexistence in Catalonia through dialogue within the boundaries of the laws and the Spanish Constitution. A modern, plural and tolerant Catalonia taking its rightful place in Spain and contributing together to a stronger Europe.

FROM THE 2018 ARCHIVES: There is a lot of talk these days about parties that respect the Spanish Constitution versus those that allegedly do not. EL PAÍS prepared a quiz to see just how much people really know about the highest law of the land...

Today's opinion says he enjoys the same rights as any MEP from the moment of his election, even if he was unable to swear an oath to the Spanish constitution; it should be up to the EP to decide if is should waive or defend his immunity from prosecution

Breaking: ECJ advocate general says it shd be up to the European Parliament to decide whether jailed Catalan independence leader Oriol Junqueras, elected an MEP in May, has parliamentary immunity - ie, it shd not be dependent on him taking an oath to the Spanish Constitution

Background: Oriol Junqueras argues he shd be given immunity from the moment he was elected an MEP; Spain argues because he was forbidden from swearing an oath to the Spanish constitution due to imprisonment on sedition charges he's in effect not an MEP

Speaking on Spanish radio, Spain’s caretaker Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez said that the central government could once again suspend Catalonia’s regional powers under Article 155 of the Constitution, and warned separatist leaders “not to play with fire”

I wonder if it’s not lost on @ricardorossello  that Tmrw is a nat’l holiday in #PuertoRico  . July 25 marks 67 years since it became self-governing w/signing of PR Constitution (w/US approval) & 121 years since the USA invaded the island in the Spanish-American War. So much history

Buttigieg breaks out the Spanish. This means that according to Article XXXVI of the Constitution, he and Beto and Booker are now the only legitimate Democratic candidates.


Most relevant

Speaking Spanish is not a valid reason for Border Patrol to question or detain you. The Constitution prohibits all law enforcement agencies, including , from racial profiling and arbitrary searches and detentions.

Under Spanish Constitution, vote in #Catalonia  was not legal. As @JunckerEU  reiterated: internal matter to be dealt in line w/ Const. order.

Worrying development as Foreign Office Minister Alan Duncan (in response to ) "supports Spanish Constitution" therefore supports jailing democratically elected politicians .. and what does it mean for Gibraltar?

A very interesting document. The Bar Association of Barcelona's 'Conclusions on the constitutionality and violation of fundamental human rights of measures applied in Catalonia by the Spanish Government, pursuant to Article 155 of the Spanish Constitution'. #Llibertat  #EU 

half + of Catalan/ Spaniards don’t want independence..they want to follow the rules of the land..I’m Spanish/Catalan.I support constitution