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@DevinNunes loaded for bear today. He just exposed the origins of the Democrat driven #RussianCollusionHoax  & dropped a MOAB into the @Adam SchiffCA Soviet-style Star Chamber. Schiff is off the rails, has lost complete control & is obviously rattled. A great day for America.

Latest news on Dems’ #FakeImpeachment  => * #FakeWhistleblower  nothing more than a #DeepState  @realDonaldTrump  hating leaker *The @Adam SchiffCA Soviet Style Star Chamber witnesses are committing perjury *Adam Schiff has now opened himself up as a fact witness. How sweet it is. 😎

I'll bet many did not hear about this recent testimony before the @AdamSchiffCA  Soviet-Style Star Chamber. Why? B/c it destroys the entire leftist liberal & media narrative=> "Key US Diplomat Blows Up Dems Enti #Ukrainee  Investigation" #Trump2020Landslide