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A Soviet-Era Museum In Kyrgyzstan, Built Into The Side Of A Mountain

A Soviet-Era Museum In Kyrgyzstan, Built Into The Side Of A Mountain

Even Chechnya’s very status as part of Russia — at issue in two wars in the post-Soviet era — revolves in no small part on the close ties between Mr. Kadyrov and Mr. Putin.

Someone in Berlin is selling this weirdly beautiful Soviet-era samovar for a mere 40 euros and oh boy, if I had any storage space at all...

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A concept of development through the year 2035 presented by #Ukraine ’s Air Forces on May 20 seeks to gradually get rid of old Soviet-era machines and to introduce a brand new fleet of modern multirole fighters and transport aircraft.

Debates about the series “Zuleikha Opens Her Eyes” continue on to this day. “It’s clear that Soviet-era traumas have not yet been healed,” the author of the novel told @AquariusDG 

The unscripted pictures reveal a life unlike those seen in most Soviet-era photographs, which were often manipulated for propaganda purposes.

Downing of a Soviet-Era Statue Spawns Rumors of a Russian Plot - Bloomberg

Relevant like never before: Soviet-era posters promoting proper hygiene

On #RNBlueprint  @GreenJ  is joined by author and food scholar @darra_goldstein  who says Russian cuisine is much more than food from 19th century France or the impoverished Soviet Era


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Former FBI spy-hunter Robert Anderson says Russia’s goals today are the same as in the Soviet era: to sow discord in the U.S. and doubt about our democracy around the world.

He’s right. You can read the transcript for yourselves, seems that matters more than a leftist never-Trumper’s opinion. I know the Dems are pushing communism these days but I didn’t think we’d see Soviet era tactics in the US so soon!

“Any friends that are Russian translators out there?” Alaskan man finds Soviet-era message in a bottle cast out to sea 50 years earlier

A Soviet-era submarine is emitting radiation at levels 800,000 times above normal, Norway says

To understand how a Russian pawn came to work for Donald Trump’s campaign chairman, you have to travel back to the post-Soviet era of 1995. reports on the man Robert Mueller calls ‘Person A’:

Beware claims that some allied missiles were shot down. Russia did not activate its anti-missile systems (confirmed). Syria’s systems are Soviet era (fact). No evidence any missiles were intercepted (based on incomplete information, to date)

The BBC made Jeremy Corbyn look like he was in a Soviet-era poster: including the choice of photo and the way the said photo was edited. This in a week where the press smeared him as a Kremlin stooge. Those claiming otherwise have bad faith on their side and nothing else.