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As Joseph Stalin ordered his generals to fight off the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union he may also have been waging a personal battle against gout.

1. Even through the height of the Cold War, the United States led the world and engaged in “science diplomacy” with the Soviet Union to mass produce a polio vaccine and help eradicate naturally recurring smallpox.👇

Reactor #4  of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant nearing completion | Ukrainian SSR, Soviet Union. November 1983

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After witnessing the collapse of the Berlin wall symbolising the destruction of the Soviet Union, Sky News Contributor Catherine McGregor says she never thought the argument of “whether socialism was viable and decent” would ever re-emerge.

On 28 March 1912 famous Soviet navigator pilot Marina Raskova was born ✈️. As part of a female crew she set an international women’s record ❗️ for longest non-stop distance flight. She became one of the first women to be awarded 🎖️ the title of the Hero of the Soviet Union

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The collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 left the government of Afghanistan in shambles. If the United States were to abandon the country today, the effect could be even worse.

it appears that I don't know how to ask a question. @cox  tells me, after provide full info and a blood sample, that I need another department I swear they are stuck in the 1970's soviet union style of #custserv  where the customer is always wrong

My morning soundtracks have become all the state orchestras of the former Soviet Union.


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Exclusive: For Bernie Sanders, his 1988 trip to the Soviet Union was an effort to build diplomatic ties. For the Soviets, it was the start of a years-long propaganda effort to exploit his antiwar agenda, documents obtained by The New York Times show.

I can tell you all this for sure- whatever ridiculous propaganda we were fed in then Czechoslovakia, which was mandated by Soviet Union- pales next to the lies being told and repeated by trump and his ilk. I am not kidding… trump truly trumps the communists. And that’s not easy

Still upset about attempts today to smear Vindman because of his heritage and ethnicity. And just to be clear, Vindmans family fled the Soviet Union, not Ukraine. And for those that feel the need to use hyphenated adjectives, he is Jewish-American not Ukrainian-American.

Bernie honeymooned in the Soviet Union and spoke out in favor of Communist bread lines. Now two of his staffers are on tape praising gulags. Gulags! If Bernie doesn’t fire them immediately, he’s morally disqualifying himself to be president of the United States @Project_Veritas 

It’s official-Omar is a loon & utterly ignorant of history. Compares Israel to Nazi Germany. I just returned from there today. She’s sick. Omar introduces resolution defending boycott of Israel, likens it to boycotts of Nazi Germany, Soviet Union

I covered the Soviet Union and its face off with American democracy. To liken this impeachment inquiry to Soviet tactics is to make a mockery of all who stood up for justice, accountability and the rule of law during the Cold War - including many, many Republicans.

“We are witnessing something surprising, something that even the Soviet Union was not able to accomplish: Divide the U.S. and Western Europe. It didn’t work then, but it seems to be working with Mr. Trump now.” ~quote from Russia state TV

Gumnami Baba as Netaji keeps popping up. It was a plot to engineered by Nehru with the help of his IB Chief Malik, to hide the fact that Nehru, Attlee and Stalin together conspired to kill Bose when he arrived in Soviet Union in August 24th 1945 or thereabouts to seek refuge.

Bernie honeymooned in the Soviet Union during the Cold War and thinks people lining up in bread lines “is a good thing” about socialism. He literally wants the US to become the USSR. But Trump is the Russian agent. ???‍♂️

The terrorist is from a country called Uzbekistan, part of Russia & the Soviet Union for the last 200 years before independence in 1991.