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The administration has offered “exemptions on tariffs to favored companies and industries. In true Soviet style, lobbyists, lawyers and corporate executives now line up to petition government officials for these treasured waivers" - @FareedZakaria  #tariffs 

The lessons from Chernobyl for politicians today....Labour’s #antisemitism  crisis, the Tories’ less than oven-ready Brexit and a terrifying obsession with defending Soviet-style falsehoods. My latest, with honourable mentions for @afneil  and @Schofe :

@MichaelShurkin  I'm married to an ex-Soviet Jew, actually. What you're saying is insane. Are you seriously suggesting Corbyn is going to impose a Stalinist-style totalitarian regime & this threat is as or more serious than that of Nazis who are shooting up synagogues right now? Are you on drugs?

Afghan intelligence agency is said to have used “Soviet-style tactics” to force a detained human rights activist to retract allegations that 165 boys had been raped by educators at three rural schools.

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The U.S. ambassador to Afghanistan accused the Afghan intelligence agency of using "Soviet-style tactics" to coerce an activist into retracting allegations that 165 boys had been raped at 3 rural schools, a day after The New York Times reported the claims

An Afghanistan rights worker accused educators and officials of systematic pedophilia and was detained by the country's spy agency. Five days later, he recanted on video. The American ambassador accused the agency of 'Soviet-style tactics.' 

of all the bizarre things that Republicans are saying to discredit a legitimate, constitutional process, the phrase "soviet-style show trial" is perhaps the most bizarre. @ccaryl  explains

Igor Fruman spent decades selling American-style luxury to post-Soviet Ukraine before helping Rudy Giuliani try to launch investigations beneficial to President Trump via @WSJ 


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Oh my, Trump Republicans. Let’s hear your defense of this Soviet-style farm plan. It is even less conservative than the protectionist policies you now promote. And to think many in my Republican class agreed with me in opposing all farm subsidies.

Check out my interview with @SteveScalise  on the Democrats' impeachment witch-hunt and their "soviet-style" process to the investigation.

House Minority Whip@SteveScalise  rips into Democratic "soviet style" impeachment process: He says that @RepAdamSchiff  "started telling witnesses not to answer questions by certain Republicans."

Lt. Col. Alexander S. Vindman testified today & said he spoke to 1/2 dozen or so people about the POTUS phone call. @Jim_Jordan  asked who all he spoke to about the call, @RepAdamSchiff  would not allow him to answer! This is a Soviet style SHOW TRIAL!

SCALISE: “Adam Schiff’s opening statement, he didn’t read the transcript from the whistleblower, he read his own version...These kind of Soviet style tactics shouldn’t be allowed.” #ShiftySchiff 

The socialist contingency of the democrat party is already showing their totalitarian style, threatening members of their own party for not voting the way they want them to Can you imagine what these people would do with national power? Sounds Soviet don’t it.

Ben Sasse on Trump saying Russia should be added to make it the G-8: "This is weak. Putin is not our friend and he is not the President's buddy. He is a thug using Soviet-style aggression to wage a shadow war against America, and our leaders should act like it."

PTs beware of Soviet style disinformation against our anti corruption campaign using anti Namo media. Namo Govt close to sending UPA biggies to jail. So fake news are being generated

@PressSec  opening statement praising Trump's "historic" and "sweeping"-success trip abroad sounds like Soviet-style propaganda.