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Famine threatening 20M people in Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan and Yemen casts shadow over global hunger progress.
An official famine has been declared in South Sudan. I hope this manages to get a tiny bit of media coverage.
East African countries Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya and South Sudan, and Yemen are at risk of suffering from a major humanitarian crisis.
When you end your awkward speech about mass atrocities in South Sudan by congratulating yourself.
Let us pray for peace in Africa, especially in the Central African Republic and in South Sudan. #prayforpeace
Congratulations on the success of Operation #SankatMochan undertaken 2 evacuate Indians from war-torn South Sudan @SushmaSwaraj @Gen_VKSingh
Today’s African #proverb: The hands that make mistakes belong to those who work. Sent by Wol Angok Majok in Juba, South Sudan
I've covered countries like South Sudan or Congo torn apart by autocrats who don't cede power--now a nominee brings that spirit to the US.
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