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"We left behind a 69-page playbook, which was sort of pandemic for dummies.....And apparently, if they weren't thrown into garbage bins, they sat on the shelves and collected dust." @AmbassadorRice  Listen -- >

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@RadioFreeTom  i need to create a rating system. first part of it approached sub-normal. Then it was like average. Then it sort of spun out of control.

ON NOW: The players are back on the court... sort of. Watch the first round of the NBA 2K20 players tournament LIVE on TSN4.

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Dr. Birx is asked if there's any sort of idea of how many Americans may be asymptomatic right now? Birx says they're developing tests for tracking, and once the U.S. is on the downside of the curve, says universities and private sector are working on tests.

I haven’t had alcohol in 4 weeks. Not any sort of goal, I just don’t drink at home. 🤷🏻‍♀️

@61JZ  Yep and it's right there but who has this data in front of them at that instant? That's the problem -- you don't know what sort of BS someone is going to spout off with until they do, so being prepared is TOUGH unless you know the subject before you go into the room.

“There are technical issues. We need to sort them before rapid testing can be started,” said Anup Kumar Yadav, Director, National Health Mission, Maharashtra.

"As people who were that sort of bottom tier of the middle class, we think that this could negatively impact them and that they could become a whole new population of people living in poverty," says Lt. Colonel Dan Jennings, Commander of @SalArmySTL 

Sort of feels like parents are getting a bit of "talking to" during this news conference. @wcpo  anyone else think so?

JUST IN -- Governor asks all Coloradans to wear face coverings when they are out of house... (not necessarily masks... but some sort of covering)


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My parents knew even from a young age I was some sort of Shakespeare virtuoso

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Someone give @MesutOzil1088  some sort of a medal .. He's stupidly good

Hi! If you own or manage a business and you have the ability to let your employees work from home, tell them they should. Don’t give them the option because then it turns in to some sort of test. Just dooooo iiiiit. Yay!

The House cannot choose our impeachment managers until we know what sort of trial the Senate will conduct. President Trump blocked his own witnesses and documents from the House, and from the American people, on phony complaints about the House process. What is his excuse now?

This is the time to maintain peace, unity and brotherhood. It is my appeal to everyone to stay away from any sort of rumour mongering and falsehoods.

no matter who u are,where ur from..what kinda personality you've got ...everyone love music of some sort. ..thats what is epic about it

Sick of seeing the likes of Wednesday and Rotherham on TV ! Sort it out @SkySports 

i am an artist, a songwriter who’s co written multiple “hits” for myself/other artists, a video director, exec producer of a netflix show, a&r, i run a label, co manage 2 artists.. if I was a man I’d be hailed as some sort of music industry god but as a woman I’m just - doubted??

Had a meeting today with my team to sort out my diary for the year . . I'm coming for ya

I had the sort of operation, that my knee will never be 100% again! It was HUGE surgery, and not one I expected