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@IGNUK 4 months
rt for a chance to win a 5k sony 4k hdr gaming projector ps4 pro and god of war the ultimate home gaming set u
RT for a chance to win a £5k Sony 4K HDR Gaming Projector, PS4 Pro and God of War, the ultimate home gaming set-up! #sponsored UK 18+

Niall Horan
nice suprise from sony mexico when we arrived the mexican football jersey love it
Nice suprise from Sony Mexico when we arrived! The Mexican football jersey! Love it!
The Int'l Spectator
year that company was founded twitter 2006 facebook 2004 google 1998 amazon 1994 huawei 1987 dell 1984 lenovo
Year that company was founded.

Twitter: 2006
Facebook: 2004
Google: 1998
Amazon: 1994
Huawei: 1987
Dell: 1984
Lenovo: 1984
Apple: 1976
Microsoft: 1975
AMD: 1969
Intel: 1968
Sony: 1946
HP: 1939
Samsung: 1938
Panasonic: 1918
IBM: 1911
Hitachi: 1910
Nintendo: 1889
Toshiba: 1875
Jon Snow
@jonsnowC4 2 months
let s get it clear no deal does not mean we don t leave the eu it just means we crash outoh and by the way son
Let's get it clear: No deal does NOT mean we don't leave the EU: it just means we crash out..Oh and by the way: Sony are abandoning their headquarters in the UK and setting up in Holland.
Seth Rogen
the people have spoken freedom has prevailed sony didn t give up the interview will be shown at theaters willi
The people have spoken! Freedom has prevailed! Sony didn't give up! The Interview will be shown at theaters willing to play it on Xmas day!
Niall Horan
sony italy just gave me thisits a present the italian fans bought for my birthdaythank you so much
Sony italy just gave me this,its a present the italian fans bought for my birthday!Thank you so much
Seth Rogen
you wanna watch the interview you can right fucking now go to thanks sony for making it happen booyah
You wanna watch The Interview?? You can RIGHT FUCKING NOW!! Go to Thanks Sony for making it happen. Booyah.
Jonathan Freedland
today in brexit pro leave mp urges polish government to thwart will of uk parliament arch brexiteer james dyso
Today in Brexit:
- Pro-leave MP urges Polish government to thwart will of UK parliament.
- Arch-Brexiteer James Dyson relocates his business from UK to Singapore
- Sony leaves UK for Holland
- EU confirms no-deal crash-out would lead to hard border
@Variety 2 months
r kelly dropped by sony music
R. Kelly Dropped by Sony Music
Michael Moore
dear sony hackers now that u run hollywood i d also like less romantic comedies fewer michael bay movies and n
Dear Sony Hackers: now that u run Hollywood, I'd also like less romantic comedies, fewer Michael Bay movies and no more Transformers.
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