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Right now, at this very moment, brilliant minds are solving problems with more urgency than at any point in our lifetimes. Isn't that something to be optimistic about?

In this week's episode we spoke to @VMBrasseur  about solving the complexities that come with open source.

Like a lot of people, he wanted to know more about the disappearance of Tampa millionaire Don Lewis. Unlike a lot of people, Mitchell has made a career out of solving cold cases. #TigerKing 

Your favorite crime-solving priest is back! Join us Monday, April 6 at 9 p.m. to start watching season 8 of #FatherBrown  on KCET. Learn more:

My interview with What3words Solving The Address Problem Anywhere In The World #tech  #innovation  #podcast 

OPINION: "Solving health emergencies like the #coronavirus  demands the best minds the world has to offer – including women" write @geetaraogupta  @womenlifthealth  and @JeremyFarrar  @wellcometrust  l #WomensRights 

Problem-solving billionaires can't solve every American problem

Just as in school -- and with solving the coronavirus crisis -- testing and retesting are necessary. @hmeisler  digs in:

How Ford Australia is solving car-servicing during coronavirus pandemic

I learned a new anagram 😃 In all my years of cryptic crossword solving I’d never realised this! “Cats tormenting relations (9)” HINT; RELATIONS is an anagram of a type of Siamese cat! Here “tormenting” suggests messing with the letters eg an active word suggesting ‘anagram’

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I can't speak for House, obviously - no one's written clever words for me to say - but I'm pretty sure he'd tell you it's not a matter of 'solving' Covid. This is an epidemic, not a diagnostic problem. We solve it together by staying apart.

“We are putting this nation on a better and brighter path for you, for your families, and for all of our great citizens. We're keeping our promises. We're solving problems, righting wrongs, and boldly confronting injustices.” — President@realDonaldTrump 

Why Falcon Heavy & Starman? Life cannot just be about solving one sad problem after another. There need to be things that inspire you, that make you glad to wake up in the morning and be part of humanity. That is why we did it. We did for you.

If you've looked at a problem that needs solving in your community and thought to yourself "Someone should really do something about that!" I've got some news for you: That someone could be you. #NationalRunForOfficeDay 

Imagine the crimes the FBI could have prevented or solved with the amount of time & resources their “leadership” spent attacking @realDonaldTrump  because they didn’t like him or the results of the 2016 election. Instead of solving crimes it looks like they were committing them!

Speaker Pelosi is now in business to humiliate President Trump so he does not win re-election. That’s Ms. Pelosi’s only task now. She has no solutions to vexing problems, but solving problems is not on her mind. Creating problems is.

Trump says he "started speaking very quickly" to stop the "send her back" chant. Here are some things that take less time than he did to stop the chant. 1) Solving a Rubik's Cube underwater #BeatTheChant 

The way that Democrats just behaved in our meeting at the is embarrassing. They need to get back into the room and get serious about solving the crisis at the border.

Well done on solving the challenge... here's a little something as a reward #KillMyMind 

Mitt Romney is a freshman Senator. He can't take on President and win. He should be focused on solving problems for our country — not trying to create conflicts within his own party.