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#WWE’s King Corbin on why he's happy to be hated by fans on social media:

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Column: Boxing's Brave New World. Or is it ? YouTubers and social media influencers are the modern means of advertising and endorsing to a new/different generation. Enter @LoganPaul  vs @ksi  and into @WWE  goes The Gypsy King@Tyson_Fury  via @TelegraphSport 

Social media posts have revealed Sydney shooter Daniel King saying 'goodbye' before the shoot-out in Penrith. #9Today 

Here’s what you can learn from mental health campaigns on social media by brands like Burger King, Hulu, and more.

Social media "has the power to bring people together for the common good," but that “it can also make your life very public," King said during a press conference.

Companies grapple with weight of social media in the age of Carson King | The Gazette

Tributes poured in across social media for Maj. Gen. Abdulaziz al-Fagham. One included him bending down to apparently help tie the shoes of King Salman, the 83-year-old ruler of the oil-rich kingdom.

"I am just overwhelmed that a sign that started as a joke will end up making such a meaningful impact for years to come," King said in his social media post on Thursday.

This country has a king, a prime minister, a handful of social media accounts, and even a “Vision 2030.” Its only problem is that it doesn't exist.

Anheuser-Busch to have 'no further association' with Carson King over social media posts

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Imran Khan is facing a social media furore for allegedly disrespecting Saudi king DETAILS:

Imran Khan is facing a social media furore after allegedly disrespecting Saudi king

Just FYI, is well aware that many people want to know why it continues to donate money to Steve King despite his ties to white nationalism They are actively monitoring their social media mentions and answering everything not about Steve King

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The strange case of Cristina King Miranda, classmate of Christina Ford. Went on social media to confirm Ford's allegation against Brett Kavanaugh. Now tells NPR, 'That it happened or not, I have no idea.' Refuses to speak to Senate Judiciary Committee.

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Big congrats to @mishacollins  on winning @Zap2it 's 2014 #SocialMediaShowdown ! All hail the new social media king! #Supernatural 

Shot the video for no social media. Today king of everything. We gets shit done.

King of comedy! Check out some of @iamsrk ​'s funniest moments on social media.

Don't miss an all new #Supernatural  TONIGHT! Make sure you follow @Zap2it 's King of Social Media, @JensenAckles !

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