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Soc Dems co-leader @RoisinShortall  tells @NewstalkDrive  that the issues leading #COVID19o  crisis in Ireland #NursingHomess  are a direct result of Government policy.

Leo Varadkar apologises for ‘leaky ministers’, says talks still open to Soc Dems and Labour

Biden’s Greatest Hits: Crime Bill Iraq Dementia Multi attempts 2tap Soc Security Veto Promise 4 #MedicareForAll  Plagiarism Now: Credible Rape AllegationsDems: Our guy is better than yours Vote leadership & integrity: #Bernie  #GreenNewDeal  #FamilyLeave  #childcare  #M4All  et al

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Soc Dems TD @1GaryGannon  told @PatKennyNT  that he would be "massively uncomfortable" with the prospect of supporting a Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael government.

Final Dáil seats filled as Brendan Smith (FF) and Niamh Smyth (FF) win in Cavan-Monaghan meaning total party seats are: FF 38, SF 37, FG 35, Greens 12, Labour 6, Soc Dems 6, SPBP 5, Independents/Others 21 #ge2020 

@RTERadio1  McDonald says she has already been in contact with Greens, Soc Dems, and People Before Profit but not Leo Varadkar or Micheál Martin, aims to gauge first if it is possible to form a government without them #GE2020 

Dead heat among Fine Gael, Sinn Féin and Fianna Fáil, according to #GE2020  exit poll.... #wow  Three-way tie for lead share of vote: FG 22.4% SF 22.3% FF 22.2% Green 7.9% Lab 4.6% Soc Dems 3.4% Solidarity-PBP 2.8% Ind/others 14.5% via @IrishTimes 

Gender breakdown of candidates among parties in #GeneralElection2020  Soc Dems: 55% women (only party with majority of female candidates) Green: 41% PBP: 40.7% SF: 33% Lab: 32% FF: 30.9% FG: 30.4% Renua: 27.3.% via @IrishTimes 

Latest @IrishTimes  @IpsosMRBI  poll is out! Very good news for @sinnfeinireland . Fairly good news for FF & Greens. Not good news for FG. FF 25% (-) FG 23% (-6) SF 21% (+7) GP 8% (-) Lab 5% (-1) S-PBP 2% (+1) Soc Dems 2% (+1) I4C 1% (-1) #GE2020 


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We need wall. We need legal immigration only. We need an accurate census. We need actual, real news. We need unbiased soc media. We need to convict & imprison the coup plotters. We need voter ID laws to prevent cheating. Dems rely on lying & cheating, so they oppose all of these.

BREAKING. #Sweden  has new government 131 days after September 2018 election. Soc Dems led by PM Löfven form again minority govt with Greens after parliament vote.

RTÉ's RedC exit poll on party preference if there was a General Election tomorrow: Fine Gael: 35% Fianna Fail: 22% Sinn Fein 15% Independents 9% Labour 7% Green Party 4% Soc Dems 3% Independents 4 Change 2% Solidarity-PBP 2% Independent Alliance 1% Renua 0% Other 0% #Aras18 

Aside from clear slander case against Whelan, what’s so interesting about this is desperation it shows on the part of Leonard Leo and the other Federalist Soc pals of BK. If they take Senate, Dems shld say: Don’t send us ANY nominee from Fed Soc list.

A lot of traditional Labour votes,nervous of transferring to "harder left" might find Soc Dems attractive after Donnelly's performance #ge16 

Soc Dems'>Swedish Soc Dems on track to form minority coalition with Left and Greens. But closer than pundits predicted. And hard right coming 3rd!