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Are you a defender against disinformation? Are you obsessed with grammar and style and love working with writers? Snopes is hiring a story editor.

realest fake news ever, and even @snopes  knows it!

Is This a Wall Around Nancy Pelosi& #8217 ;s Home? via @snopes 

With ad rates falling, Snopes can’t keep up with coronavirus misinformation

Snopes forced to scale back fact-checking in face of overwhelming COVID-19 misinformation

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Snopes forced to scale back fact-checking in face of overwhelming virus misinformation


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We are not that different. We are being fed lies by algorithms designed to manipulate us. ALL of us. We must all be detectives to find the truth. Politifact and snopes are helpful. Peace

Anyone surprised?: Snopes is paid by Facebook to push "propaganda," according to the former managing editor," who claims the social media giant "doesn't care" about facts and is using journalists to promote an agenda so it can "pass the buck."

Snopes does the work, connects hundreds of fake profiles to Epoch. Bring it to FB. And FB refuses to even reply. Now FB takes down the accounts, claiming to be the good guys, and shuts out Snopes on the embargoed release which they sent to CNN, us, and others? It’s not right.

Notice how cleverly @snopes  refutes a BOGUS rumor about George Soros in order to cover for Soros' REAL Nazi past

It could be said that videos debunk pernicious ideologies the way that Snopes articles debunk false rumors, but that comparison sells Natalie Wynn short:

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Thanks Facebook, but most people don't consider Snopes an "independent fact checking site." They're right on some topics -- but biased and incorrect on others.

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Facebook announces it will root out "fake news" with the help of fact checkers like Snopes, which often publishes incorrect/biased info.

Hi! I'm the managing editor for @Snopes  and we'd also love links to back this claim + the current score. Thanks!

Can Snopes please partner with Facebook so that when people post something blatantly false it automatically tells them they’re being stupid?