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Fans of Amy Winehouse, Smith'>Jorja Smith, or Lauryn Hill will love South London's @joycrookes  💘 Watch her alluring live performances of "Early" ft. @JafarisMusic  and "Darkest Hour" for DSCVR Artists to Watch now ▶︎ #DSCVRATW2020 

Bama WR Smith'>Devonta Smith is explosive but he’s also a natural hands catcher. Watch him extend and attack this ball. Merry Christmas everyone.

OSU AD Smith'>Gene Smith: "Relative to (NCAA) process and function, this was a great case."

OSU AD Smith'>Gene Smith responds as you might expect to @DougLesmerises  devil's advocate question of "Why not stick it in a drawer and hope no one ever finds out? " "I never even thought twice about pushing it under the rug. "

Hypothetical NFL trade. If you could trade Smith-Schuster'>Juju Smith-Schuster straight up for Odell Beckham Jr this off-season, would you do it?

OSU AD Smith'>Gene Smith declines to disclose estimate of dollar amount involved. Said Young's forthrightness contributed to the suspension being limited to two games.

OSU AD Gene Smith said the Chase Young allegation was brought directly to Ohio State, which then took it to the NCAA. Won't get into the source of the allegation.

OSU AD Smith'>Gene Smith said "the accusations" about Chase Young did not come from anyone from Maryland, Penn State or anyone in the Big Ten Conference.


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Jaden Smith Launches Free Vegan Food Truck For Less Fortunate In LA:

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Jaden Smith’s foundation bringing clean water to Flint

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RT for a chance to win this flawless #MK11  custom console by and Sub-Zero inspired kicks by Under Armour and Dennis Smith Jr. #XboxSweepstakesec '>NoPurch #XboxSweepstakesec . Ends May 14. Rules:

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With India fans giving Smith'>Steve Smith a tough time fielding in the deep, @imVkohli  suggested they applaud the Australian instead. Absolute class 👏 #SpiritOfCricket  #ViratKohli 

Instant replay of JR Smith and LeBron in the closing seconds of regulation.

“You gimmie two points, imma slap the sh*t out you.” Classic. Steve Smith is hilarious. 😂

Smith'>Jonathan Smith, 30, saved ~30 people last night before he was shot in the neck. He might live w/the bullet for rest of his life. #vegasstrip 

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Ladies and gentlemen, the future is here. I present to you: Siri A. Smith.

Will Smith just hit 10 million followers on IG and released this hilarious recap video to celebrate