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LIVE NOW: Brandon Buskey, deputy director of our smart justice litigation, is testifying to Congress about the need to reform our broken bail system. The size of our wallets shouldn’t determine who gets to return home and who gets locked up in jail.

Really smart spotlight from @vgullap  today, looking at how gun control intersects with criminal justice:

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The @NCAA  should apply justice re: #Memphis  basketball. #JamesWiseman  did nothing wrong and #Penny  wasn’t foreseeable as @Memphis_MBB  coach. @BigTicket_JW  wants to play #NCAA  ball not pro now. Do the just and right thing for this smart & good young man. He is a “student athlete”

While President @realDonaldTrump  worked across the aisle to enact historic criminal justice reform, the violent crime rate has steadily fallen under his Administration—reversing a 2-year spike before he took office. Talk about smart on crime.

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BEING BROKE IS NOT A CRIME. People shouldn’t be trapped in the criminal justice system because they aren’t able to afford their probation fines & fees. Let’s pass smart probation reform #SB14  and #HB1555  and put an end to this economic injustice in Pennsylvania. @JusticeReformAL 

Today, we’re unveiling our Smart Justice 50 State Blueprints. The blueprints are the product of more than two years collecting data, analyzing policies, and learning from people impacted by our mass incarceration crisis.

📍The Smart Justice 50-State Blueprints show how each state can cut the number of people behind bars by half. Look up your state now.

Fox News analyst Andrew Napolitano says Donald Trump broke the law? But if he is asking Ukraine for help in a Justice Department investigation into possible corruption, how can that be true? Get honest and smart analysis on .

Very pleased to see ideas in our @project4md  10-point crime & justice plan, including “earned release” and sobriety tagging, being taken forward by @RobertBuckland  - smart justice reform

Happy birthday, Christopher! What a spectacular young man you are. Wow wow wow! Loving, wise, fun, kind, smart. Loved by everyone — and I mean everyone — who meets you loves you, for your spirit, your kindness, your sense of justice, your humanity. It’s a honor to be your mama!

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The fact is​,​ marijuana laws are not applied and enforced in the same way for all people. That’s why I'​ve signed onto ’s Marijuana Justice Act​ to make marijuana legal at the federal level​. It’s the smart thing to do​.

#1: Who trusts a justice system where all the smart people get out of jury duty?

I really like that the Justice Department is blaming the attorney general’s inability to read the 1993 Iowa football media guide for his not knowing whether he was an Academic All-American, an award you’re supposed to get for being smart.

William Barr has shown that he won’t put the American people first. We need an Attorney General who will defend independent investigations from political attacks, embrace a smart on crime approach to public safety, and ensure equal justice. I will vote NO on his nomination.

"Our criminal justice system isn't as smart as it should be." —President Obama

Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins, Jeff Flake, Ben Sasse and Joe Manchin are smart people. They know full well somebody who melted down and threatened the opposition party at his own hearing shouldnt be a Supreme Court justice. That they’re still thinking about it is the scary part

There are a surprising number of people sitting in jail each day, many of whom are unconvicted of a crime, because they cannot afford to post bail. As part of the 's Campaign for Smart Justice, take this pop quiz to learn more about the broken cash bail system.

We’ve been offered a false choice about the criminal justice system. We are either tough on crime or soft on crime—I say be smart on crime.